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User's Guide
Aryabhatt Gem Store We are trying in the following section to clear some mis-conception regarding the gemstones. We are giving our most honest comments as per our experience in the last few years. As we know that, gemstones come in various variety and various shapes originated from various different mines. These come in different shades and colours. People are always confused, which gemstone to buy and which gemstone not to buy. Here we are giving the description of various parameters, which should be considered while buying the gemstone.
We are giving these parameters on the basis of collective conclusion from various Astrology and gems books from various Indian and Foreign author. And on the basis of our experience of 25 yrs. in the field of gems.

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Pls. understand these factors carefully:
(i) Authenticity :
The first prime factor in accepting the gemstone is its authenticity. Which is one of the most difficult aspect in today’s time. Even the most experienced gemsnologist, sometimes get confused by the various variety of gemstones being sold in market. It is not possible at all for the common man to identity the authenticity for the gemstones. The best method is either to buy from some reliable source or ask for gem authenticity report from some recognized Gems Laboratory. We at aryabhatt.com purchase gems in lots. And send the randomly selected gemstones for testing purpose. So as to make it sure that all the gemstones are 100% original.
(ii) Transparency :
This is one of the most visible factors. As transparency can be easily judged through the naked eyes. Getting good transparent gemstones is difficult job. As the precious gemstones like RUBY, EMERALD are very costly. In case they have good transparency. However, the Sapphires (Blue, Yellow, White) are comparatively transparent. But these may have some amount of fibres (inclusions), which are visible in the gemstone. One should be careful to analyze that, these are only fibres (inclusions), not any type of crack. One should reject the gemstone with any type of crack. Though the fibres are very common in B and C grade of gemstones. Very few inclusions, could also be seen in Grade A gemstones. The C grade gemstones may be opaque in nature.
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Lustre :
Lustre plays an important role along with other factor, in determining the value of gemstone. The better is the lustre the better is the grading of the gemstone. One can assume lustre as the shinning in the gemstone.
Colour :
Colour is another important factor, which plays an important role in deciding the value of the gemstones. This is one factor, which is not so easy for common man to identify. But we are trying here to give them fair idea regarding each gemstone. As each gemstone comes from different mines, each having specific colour identification.
As for example:
Blue Sapphire : These comes from Burma, Ceylones, Sri Lanka and Kashmir mines. The ceylon Blue sapphires are generally light blue in shade. Whereas as Burma could be Navy blue in shade. The colour in other blue sapphires could be that of peacock neck blue. Pls. find below few pictures for illustration.
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Yellow Sapphire : These are generally light yellow, to dark yellow. Though dark yellow, natural sapphires are very difficult to find. Most of the dark colour yellow sapphires are heated in nature. Find few pictures below.
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Emerald : The emerald in leaves green colour are considered best. The columbians, which are generally light green in colour and are very costly. The zambian emerald, are generally dark in colour. Sample pictures given below.
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RUBY : In India these are generally available as Indian RUBY or African RUBY. The best quality is considered to be Burma. Which is hard to find. However, the Grade A that we ship are mainly from Burma or Best mines in the world. The Blood red colour rubies are considered to be best.
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GRADE A: These are fine quality gemstones, which are selected carefully from the lots of thousands. These gemstones have best quality lustre, very fine clarity, very good colour. We carefully select the gemstones in this category to ensure that, these are untreated. The gemstones in A Grade quality comes from best of the mines located all over the world. These are sent along with FREE gems Testing report, From Gems Labs of India. These are very good both for Ornamental and Astrology purpose.
Grade B: These gemstones, are the common one that are both cheap and fully suitable for astrology purpose. We select these gemstones, after careful selection. The transparency level of these gemstones is generally good but not as good as Grade A. Colour is also good. These may have inclusions in gemstones. Lustre is also very good. Gems testing report is not FREE with these gemstones. In case one wants to have the gems testing report, they have to pay charges as per actual for getting the testing of the gemstone. These gemstones are good for Astrology Purpose.
Grade C: We make it sure that, these should be of best quality as per the price. We take full care that, these are 100% authentic. Transparency in case of emerald or ruby may be very less. colour is good. Lustre is average. But we do take care that, there should not be any type of crack in the gemstone. There may be lots of inclusions of the gemstone. One can wear these gemstones, for astrology purpose. The gems testing report charges are extra for these gemstones, if required.
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