Invitation for Articles
The Aryabhatt Astrology Services invites its visitors to submit articles, for its website Aryabhatt.com. The articles can be on Vedic Astrology, Western Astrology, Yogas, Tantra, mantra, yantra. Astrology calculation or predictive techniques. Gems, medical astrology, chinese astrology, tarot or any ancient technique and occult sciences.

Articles must be in the elucidated form, and if required supported with example charts or photographs.

The Aryabhatt has the right to modify, abbreviate or alter the language and content of the submitted article to suit the requirements and the standard of the ARYABHATT ASTROLOGY, without prior permission of the author.

All the articles submitted, must be the original work of the author. The author must certify at the end of the article that, the submitted article is for the exclusive use of Aryabhatt Astrology.

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