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The horoscope of every person consists of combination of Planets placed in different houses. Where every house signifying some different aspects of human life like education, profession, wealth, material comforts, health, sex, love, bed pleasures, nature, happiness, relations, marriage etc.

The planetary combination of each horoscope exerts positive or negative influence on human life. Which causes the reason for certain happenings or misshappennings in the life. The proper balancing of these astrological forces is must to ensure the smooth life.

All this requires the expert guidance of the experienced Astrologer, which is some times very difficult to find. And some times we cannot approach them with every problem.

Here the Aryabhatt Astrology has worked out the most comprehensive and detailed remedy report. We have prepared this report after consultation with our expert and experienced astrologer.

The report  covers the general aspect of Vedic Astrology. These report is useful for any user for the life time.

Remedy report is divided in to four parts (4 pages).
PART - 1 (Showing Astrological details)
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The first part shows the Basic Calculation of your Birth Horoscope, according to principles of Vedic Astrology. It shows your Birth Details, Ascendant(Lagna) chart, Planetary positions, Sign, Status of the planets. Along with other Astrological Details like Ascendant Lord, Moon Sign, Moon sign Lord, Sun Sign(Western), Constellation Part, Constellation Lord etc. These details just form the basic foundation for the report.
PART   -  2 (Yantra and Gems recommendation)
(A) Yantra/Mantra Recommendation
The second part consist of Yantra Remedy(an instrument, a talisman or mystical diagram) according to your horoscope. Here we will give you the diagram and name of the yantra of the particular planet according to your moon sign that can generate beneficial results for you.

One can keep this yantra in his/her possession, may be in pocket, purse, dairy, or can wear it as pendant to get benefit of it. This yantra is universally useful for the whole life.
(B) Gems Recommendation
Here in this section we are recommending three stones for your wearing. Which may be same or different depending upon your planetary combinations. These three stones are signifying different aspects of the life.

Life Stone : This is the stone which is recommended for good health, status, self achievements, desires, money and all general aspects of the life. It is recommended to wear this stone for the whole life.

Lucky Stone : Preferably boosting the luck aspect of   an individual , It is recommended after careful study of different  houses,   pertaining to luck and destiny

Significator Stone : This is the stone for profession , family, education,  money. It is recommended after studying the   planets signifying positive houses. It is also recommended to wear this stone for whole life.

As most times all the three stones, or two stones comes out to be same. It is not essential to wear all the three stones, One can select the stone according to his/her choice. Care should be taken, if you are wearing two or three stones the stones should not be contradictory  to each other. The details of the contradictory stones is also given in the report.

We have also included the "sound files" of the mantras and the method of recitation. So that one should not face any problem in pronounciation of these mantras.

PART - 3 (Period wise remedy)
The third part covers the detailed analysis of different phases of life, on the basis of Vedic Dasha based System. Which gives information to favourable or unfavourable moments for the particular period. Here the remedies are suggested from one period to another period.

The remedies are in the form of  (1) FAST, and (2) RECITATION OF MANTRAS or (3) DONATION of  few articles/items to poor or priests(Brahmins). This remedy should be applied for the prescribed period in the report.

One can adopt any one of the three methods to gain maximum of the given period and to avoid evil effects of the negative planetary combination during the period. Or one can apply the two or three methods  to speed up the benefits and to suppress the negative forces.

Here we are giving brief explanation of all the three methods for the convenience of our Visitors :

(1) FAST : This method is mainly used in India to please the deities, which are supposed to be the god of the particular planet. It consist of  carrying out the prayer of the particular deity. As per the system prescribed in various books, which are widely and commonly available in India.

What is Mantra : Mantra is a complete set of words from the Vedas attributed to the deities or Devas. Mantras have come down to us from our Maharishis, saints, Sadhus and Yogis who after recitation of Mantras for several thousand years guided us to follow them.

Mantras are used in Tantrik sadhanas or rituals, whispered or chanted in different combinations and contexts, setting up patterns of vibrations. One must learn to pronounce them properly as well as to understand their meaning. According to old scriptures mantras are the only ways to attain one's desires, provided one recite them with complete faith and prescribed methods and rules.

The recitation of words of mantras should be pure and correct in order to create the right vibrations.

It consist of recitation of  the given "Mantra" for minimum of 108 times or in the multiples of 108 times. i.e. either 108, or 216 or 324 or any number of multiples. It is sure to produce positive effect. The more is the number of recitation the fast you will obtain the results.

The process of recitation should be performed by using malas (rosaries), which is the combination of 108+1 beads,  The 1 additional bead is tied externally, which is used to indicate the starting point of the counting process. In the Vedic astrology it is always recommended to use rosaries made up of beads of crystal, tulsi, chandan(sandal wood), Coral, Navratna(Nine-gems), Rudraksha etc.

The recitation of the mantras, should be done in the early morning. Just after taking the bath. It is advisable not to eat anything before recitation, go get the maximum results.

More details of the method of recitation of the mantras and other general procedure are available at our following link at http://www.aryabhatt.com/mantras/mantra.htm

(3) DONATION : It is believed in Vedic Astrology that, evil effects of any planet can be reduced by giving the gift of the articles represented by that particular planet. One can give gift of  few of the specified list of articles to the poor or the priest of some temple.

PART - 4 : Lagna(Ascendant) Predictions, Analysis
The detailed analysis of the general horoscope. This portion covers the general characteristics of an individual, physical health, general tendencies of  the individual, relations with relatives, general outline of academics position, nature of common diseases. Business field or profession and other general aspects of human life.
The report is the best compiled report, available at any website. It is surely the solution to most of your common problems. The report is detailed, comprehensive, lucid. And it covers the whole life remedy solution.

However for any specific nature of your problem, one is recommended to consult some expert and experienced astrologer. For that you may also use our
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