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Ketu is a mysterious planetary influence which, like Rahu, is malevolent and afflictive unless located in a powerful position or conjoined with beneficent planet. Ketu governs theology, monastic life, crime and punishment, hidden enemies and dangers, and the occult. Unless correctly balanced, ketu can cause poverty and other obstructions in one's life. Ketu is associated with suffering and the consequent aspiration for spiritual liberation.

If ketu is exalted, one will be wealthy and protected from evil. But if  Ketu appears in a weak or harmful position in one's horoscope, one becomes prone to fatal diseases of a mysterious nature as well as compulsive gambling. Infra-Red is the cosmic color transmitted by cat's eye gems. Infra-red cosmic rays are hottest of all cosmic rays and are known to be useful in many chronic and terminal illness such as cancer all forms of paralysis. Infra-red color rays aids digestive problems and skin diseases.

Gemstones ruled by ketu includes cat's eye chrysoberyl, beryl, apatite, tourmaline, fibrolite and other yellow to greenish-brown gems which display a strong chatoyant 'cat's eye' light reflection on the surface. These gems should also possess a high degree of transparency.

These gems should be worn after the consultation from expert astrologer by showing your birth horoscope.