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Mercury governs intelligence and therefore rules such fields as education, literature, communication and public speaking. It is associaterd with the earth element, cold energy, the color green, agriculture, travel and the number system. Endowed with youthful, fast-moving energy. Mercury appears prominently in the horoscope of people who are playful, enthusiastic and talkative. Mercury also governs astrologers, clerks, accountants, sculptors and other professions requiring skillful use of hands. Mercury enhances the ability to learn languages and improves memory, and facilitate the power of speech.

If Mercury is exalted, one will be educated, happy fortunate and highly respected. But if mercuary occupies a weak or harmful position in one's horoscope, one becomes prone to speech and hearing impediments, deceptive behaviour and lack of vitality. Green is the cosmic color transmitted by emerlads and other green gems. Green color waves relate to the earth element and cold by nature.  Mercury is known to enhance psychic powers, improve memory and learning, strengthen the nervous system, and provide protection against snakes and envious people.

Gemstones governed by mercury include emerald, peridot, tourmaline, diopside, green jade and other natural green gems of flawless quality.

These gemstones should be worn after the consulation from the expert astrologer by showing your birth horoscope.