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The Moon governs the mind, and it's position in one's horoscope determines a person's habitual patterns of thought, feeling and volition. It rules all professions associated with water, such as sailing and fishing, and it influences the tidal pattern of oceans and seas as well as bodily fluids. Lunar energy is associated with color white, motherhood and feminity, romance and love. The moon is soft and sensitive planet.

If the moon is exalted, one will be healthy, industrious and respected. If it is weak then contrary results may be expected. Diabetes, alcohol and drug abuse, and all types of emotional distress are associated with debilitated Lunar energy. Orange is the cosmic color transmitted by pearls and other Lunar gems. Orange color waves are cold and therefore useful in treating diseases of the bodily secretions and blood caused by excessive heat in the body. It is also known to improve artistic creativity.

Gemstones ruled by Moon are natural pearl & moonstone. Flawless(eye-clean) gems are required in order to transmit beneficial lunar energy.These gems should be worn after the consultation from the expert astrolger by showing your birth horoscope. The details about the procedure for wearing the gem stone regarding mantras, mode, incompatibility factor can be had from below links

These gemstones should be worn after consulation with the expert astrologer, after showing your birth horoscope.