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Saturn is powerful planet whose position in one's horoscope strongly influence one's work and employment, as well as obstacles one must overcome in order to succeed in one's chosen field. Saturn is associated with the color blue, darkness, obstinacy, gambling and chronic diseases. It governs aging and death, yoga practise, foreign travel, hunters and theives. While malevolent by nature, when properly placed or balanced Saturn can also induce great virtues, such as compassion, charity, longevity, meditative insight, and positive public influence.

When saturn is exalted, one will be long-lived, charitable, lavish, proficient and an affectionate mate. But if satrun is weak in a person's horoscope, one becomes vulnerable to headaches, neuralgia and other disorders of  nervous system. Saturn also rules the entire nervous system.   Saturn being the slowest planet also causes diseases of chronic nature.

Gemstones governed by Saturn transmit its cosmic energy through blue sapphire, blue spinel, tanzanite, indicolite, iolite, amethyst and other blue to violet gems with transparent clarity. Only flawless gems possess the capacity to properly transmit positive astral energy from saturn. These gems should be worn after the consultation from the expert astrooger by showing your birth horocope.

These gems should be worn after the consultation from the expert astrologer by showing your birth horoscope.