Astrology Mantra

Astrology Mantra


These Uchatan Mantras are used for anybody to ditract him from his path, and then wander. He will not be able to concentrate on a matter. These mantras are used for your opponents, enemies etc.
A man who has abonded his family can best be brought backthrough the use of htis mantra. In another case when a man or a lady has illict relations with the opposite sex resulting in ill fame to the family and the destruction of the hapiness or prosperity of the family, these mantras can be used to correct her or him. These mantras can also be used for men, ladies, enemies and friends. However, misuse of mantra is prohibited.


(1) Rudraye Mantra

"Om namo bhagvate rudraye karalye Amuk Putra Bhandvasasyah Shighra muchchataye tha tha tha"

This mantra should be recited ten thousand times to attain the siddhi . Replace the name of the person in place of word Amuk word. When you want to use this mantra, procure the article to be used and infuse them 108 times, then give the person concerned . He will bw affected.
(2) Shareem Mantra

"Om shareem shareem shareem swaha"

Recite this mantra ten thousand times for siddhi. Then purify the articles 1089 times ans use them for the person concerned.