Many Astrologers are practising comm-  ercial astrology. Most of them have customarily inherited and kept it as a guarded  secret for obvious reasons. This perhaps is   the first serious attempt to  unfold  the  niceties  of this inadequ- ately discussed   subject.  In  this  book,  the   author  endeavoured   to  embody such materials which provide   compre- hensive and cogent information to impart meaningful support to the speculators and investors alike, to help taking timely and prudent decisions to accentuate gains and avert losses. The thrust of the book is to demonstrate the efficacious use of the complex ancient discerning tools like Sarvatobhadra Chakra  and others in presaging market tendencies in a simple way. Celestial Phenomenon that command over wide array of terrestrial events including social commercial values have been brought out in a succinct manner.

An ardently written prolific work on the whole gamut of business astrology duly blended with other congruous factors to make it a complete yet compact reading material on the subject. Every aspect of it is perfectly synthesised and portrayed in a lucid form.


About the Author : The author is retired    Executive   Director  of  the country's one of  the   largest public sector undertakings. He is currently working as a Sr. Vice President in a leading  business   house. MBA and diploma  in  marketing  from  U.K., he also obtained diploma in Jyotish vish- arad from ICAS New Delhi and is a fervent  reader    of   astrology  which he pursuing as a hobby for over a decade.

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People are charmed by the business and financial astrologers for variety of reasons. The traditional business houses solicit the services of family astrologers who not only presage future of family but also help concluding the deal of profit yielding transactions. The traders of the present time, also look forward to some incredible predictions doled out by the commercial astrologers from time to time and try to synthesize them with the behaviour of stocks or commodity markets. They also corroborate these forecasts in fixing the market trends.

As per astrological precepts, unless material gains are promised in the natal chart of an individual, the prosperity is hard to come. There always has been desire of a person to live a comfortable and blissful life. However, affluency does play dominant part in providing exuberant life style for which the past karmas are much to say in it.

However, there are specific celestial laws which bestow wealth and riches to the native. The horoscope presage source and time of acquiring wealth. Besides, configuration of heavenly bodies relating to wealth in one's chart translates unequivocal   opulence effects. a rudimentary principle is that the houses above the horizon are of much greater significance as they portray the prosperity. The wealth is attributed to 2nd and 11th house irrespective of ascendant.  While the fifth and 9th house signify speculation and fortune respectively. The permutation and combination between the lords of these houses insinuate the possible avenues for acquiring wealth and riches. The dignity and intrinsic qualities of the planets determine the mode of sourcing the  wealth.The interpose of the lord of 6th house with the consortium of the planets representing the wealth giving houses, procreates gains through share markets, lotteries and other speculatory pursuits. The influence of the lord of the 8th house bestows windfall gains and acquistion of wealth through inheritance.

An adage of astrology on wealth epitomised in Jhatak Bharnam says that the planets posited and aspecting the second house  and the lord of the 2nd house symbolised as dhana(wealth) karaka, when influenced by each other while in transit, it indicates the right time to realise the wealth. If the planets involved in contribution happens to be fast moving ones, the conjugation during the transit is going to be rather frequent. The progressed dasas of these planets are another angle to fix the point of acquisition of wealth.

Electional Astrology(muhurta) is yet another facet of astrology that plays effective role in shaping the success in a well begin venture. As selection of right and opportune time is like seeking mandate in reaching out to favourable consequences. Although Electional astrology is a subsidiary to horoscopy, it has distinct place of its own in astrology. In the modern time, a person yearns for most propitious moments because a failure procreates more losses and pains in this competitive world. The reverse leave telling effects on a business but starting a venture at an auspicious moments is like harnessing the cosmic energy to ones advantage. The Electional astrology has assumed tremendous significance, more so in present day life.

We all know that value of time is immeasurable. The celestial forces procreate every object in the nature at a particular moment, develop it for a certain length of the time and dissipate it on appointed time. To comprehend this phenomenon, it is essential to understand the heavenly currents that influence the recurrent activities. It is suffice to understand that we are living in an environment of vibratory energies which regulate the cyclic functions of creating, developing and destroying. The radiation's emanating from the celestial bodies though invisible, it greately affect the proceeding relating to life cycle. The sun which unites energies, has the predominance over the solar system and thus is the prime force in governing the life process. The Electional astrology though simple in its application, it serves most useful purpose. The knowledge of celestial's concepts are exceedingly important to fix the favourable time for those who wish to celebrate a function  or launch a new project etc.

Terrestrial changes are reflection of celestial occurrences. These modulations are more noticeable in the field of mundane matters, political and commercial activities of the nations. A mundane chart of the nation. political party, business concern or for a specific event is drawn to delineate the effects of heavenly bodies perse.

In this scheme of things, the trans saturian planets are also included as in mundane astrology, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto have assumed greater   importance. Being distant, slow and weighty planets, their effects last for a much longer period. Besides, they are the integral part of the solar system and also seen playing dominant role in commercial activities part from the terrestrial affairs.

Navamasa is most valuable harmonic division of   vedic astrology. Navamasa plays exceptionally important role in outlining the results. The dignity and strength of a planet get altered due to its corresponding position in the navamansa chart. Just as the status of planet in navamansa support the prediction in natal astrology, so also in commercial astrology, it brings forth startling effects.

In mundane astrology, eclipses have substantial contributions in pronogisticating the events of grave nature. The sun and moon are also the determinants in causing the eclipses. These luminaries also regulate the markets functions which are greately influenced by these eclipses.  The effects of eclipses, at times, are surfaced after many months and persists for years and that is why it is more significant from the point of view of market trends.  The occurrences of eclipses coupled with configuration of major planets, impel far reaching consequences. There was a total lunar eclipse on the 1st/2nd night of September 1997 and was visible in Asia including all parts of India.. During the whole year 1997, major planets like Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune remained in Capricorn sign. At this juncture severe drops were registered in the indices of major stock exchanges of the leading nations of   South-East Asia, including Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore etc. India was no exception. The currencies of all these countries plummeted as compared to American Dollar. Therefore, grouping or movements of outer planets and corresponding eclipses are to be closely watched as these are generally found to coincide with the important events in the countries associated with such sign.

The monthly market trends are based on the solar ingress as the sun regulates at the solar month. Besides, the sun 's entry into the first degree of Aries sign every year is very significant because it holds clue to what all is going to eventuate or turn out to be during the impending year and in what prospensity. The position of planet at the time of solar ingress, impart critical role in predicting the year long activities.

The application of Sarvatobhadra chakra in delineating the price fluctuations has been found quite effective. In this Chakra, the nakshatras hold the fixed yet key positions while the transits of planets through these nakshatras presage the behaviour of various markets and chart out the pricing trends of the commodities denoted by the planets and nakshtras causing vedhas, sign , nakshtras and planets suffering vedhas. It is important to note that the planets and sign involved in vedhas should otherwise be engaged in aspects during the transit. In the absence of which a vedha ends up in frivolity.

On the face of it, the Sarvatobhadra chakra looks plain and simple but in practise, it is not so as delineation through it depends upon many complicated  factors, such as speed and motions of the planets which springs sudden shift in vedha from one direction to another direction that may either fritter away the effects all together or get reversed.  This is however compact yet versatile system which unfolds complete market behaviour. Besides, it also provides significant clues to other mundane affairs.

In 1997, the gold and silver markets moved in opposite directions inasmuch as there were series of slumps in gold prices while silver showed buoyancy. The movements are tested over chakras and results are quite positive.

The business astrology is also related to study of the prospects of a business concern presaged from the horoscope drawn on the date and time of  its incorporation. This segment of astrology has not been popular, like the other disciplines, which is primarily due to fact that accurate data of  formation of company is generally not available. However, the general approach is that when a company is incorporated and assumes a separate entity, a heavenly figure of that epoch is drawn which is termed as company's chart like a natal horoscope.  If a company commences a new venture or undertakes expansion, the chart of that movement is erected to assess the prospects of that ventures. In the absence of the basic details, 12-00 noon time, when the sun is at zenith is taken as time of formation of the company. The chart also helps to predict the results from the Moon sign and in Vedic Astrology it is reckoned as equal to the Ascendant.

The unusual behaviour of the three markets including gold and silver have illustratively been dealt. The planetary conjunctions and aspects formed during the said period have fully supported the market trends. The same effects are also checked through the Sarvatobadhra Chakra and it was proved that the market fluctuations in respective of bullion and stock share were in consonance with the cosmic laws and astrological percepts.

In fine, it is true to say that in astrology, each business and activity of trade house can be graphed as every trade do have time of birth. i.e. when it was initiated. It is equally possible to ascertain whether a venture will succeed or otherwise by knowing when it was commenced. If the begining was made on a propitious time and the promoter holds promise in his horoscope, the chances of success are exceedingly high