Chinese Astrology

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Astrology has been described as the divination of the supposed influences of the stars and planets on human affairs and terrestrials by their position and aspects.

Basis of Chinese astrology

Chinese astrology involves much calculation and reveals one's fate through year, month, day and hour of birth. The detailed description of the same as used in chinese astrology is as given here
Birth celestial Pole : The time when a person is born on the prescribed celestial pole in the sixty-year cycle.
Bihour : The time when a person is born within the prescribed 120 minutes.
Birth Hour : The hour of a person's birth.
Birth Month : The month of a person's birth according to the chinese solar and lunar Calendar.
Birth Terrestrial Branch : The prescribed terrestrial branch under which a person is born in the sixty-year cycle.
Birth Year : The year of a person's birth according to the chinese solar and lunar calendar.
Chinese Solar and Lunar Calendar : The calendar that is observed by the chinese in which the intercalary month was inserted in the lunar Calendar to harmonise it with the solar year at every two or three year intervals, with a total of seven intercalary months in nineteen years. The sixty-year cycle is used to name the year, month, day and hour.
Main Structure Zone : The zone that controls our whole life behaviour.
Morphomatics : A word derived from morphology and mathematics, which means a system that, deals with the formation of things or lives.
Supporting Structure Zone : The zone that influences our later life behaviour (say after 30 years old).
1. Great Controller
2. Great Entertainer
3. Great Speaker
4. Great Justiciar
5. Great Martial Artist
6. Great Pioneer
7. Great Treasurer
8. Great Marshal
9. Great Strategist
10. Great Philanthropist
11. Great Premier
12. Great General
13. Sun
14. Moon

Purple Star System

Chinese astrology uses ' Purple star system ' to calculate the fate of human beings.The Purple Star astrology is a system to describe human fate. A person's characteristics can be identified through this system with reference to his or her birth time. The stars are then located in the prescribed zones called the astrological chart. This chart is the map of our life journey to the unbounded universe.

The following are the main stars used in the Purple Star System:
Great Controller (pole star or purple star)
Symbol - superior, precious, huge, classic, and modest
Person - emperor, president, minister, professional, boss, a person of high standing
Body - head and brain.

Great Entertainer (dubhe)
Symbol - generous, impatient, spontaneous, amorous, selfish, risk-taking, entertaining, and day dreamer.
Person - entertainer, teacher, priest, guest relations officer and gambler.
Body - genitals.

Great Speaker (Merak)
Symbol - analytical, creative, researching, self-reliant, talkative, controversial, and suspicious.
Person - lecturer, broadcaster, lawyer, geometrician, psychoanalyst, performing artist and thief.
Body - mouth and throat.

Great justiciar (Alioth)
Symbol - recalcitrant, free thinking, sentimental, seeking self-improvement, and a little psychopathic. Person - justice, soldier, traveller, masseur, risk-taker, and prisoner.
Body - intestines and pimples.

Great Martial Artist (Mizar)
Symbol - straight, unbiased, strong-willed, systematic, and impassive.
Person - martial artist, inspector and banker.
Body - nose, respiratory organs, and lungs.

Great Pioneer (Alkaid)
Symbol - impatient, innovative, risk-taking, forward, and confronting.
Person - pioneer, sailor, mountaineer, and front-liner.
Body - reproductive organs and excretory organs.

Great Treasurer (27 Ysgr)
Symbol - real, self-assertive, splendid, and neat.
Person - treasurer, distributor, and planner.
Body - stomach.

Great Marshal (Kaus Borealis)
Symbol - tender, honest, pedantic, open-hearted, and behaving elderly.
Person - marshal, physician, scholar, and historian.
Body - liver.

Great Strategist (13 m sgr)
Symbol - gentle, showing potential, shrewd, strategic thinking and not easily perturbed.
Person - strategist, secretary, diplomat, and technician.
Body - bone, the nervous system, and legs.

Great Philanthropist (Nunki)
Symbol - hospitable, lenient, humorous, naive, and lazy.
Person - philanthropist, doctor, contributor, and principal.
Body - buttock and ears.

Great Premier (40 r sgr)
Symbol - faithful, humane, friendly, cultured and with very good sense of aesthetics.
Person - premier and high standing official.
Body - lower part of body.

Great General (Ascella)
Symbol - independent, rebellious, straight-forward, and brave.
Person - general, ironmonger, gangster, and enforcer.
Body - lung and blood.

Symbol - humane, idealistic, bright, with many ideas to contribute, extreme, and active.
Person - for a man-representing his father, himself, his son, his male friend, and superior. for a woman-representing her father, her spouse and her son. It also represents politician, guardian, and principal. Body - eyes, face, blood and intestines.

Symbol - soft, romantic, clean, and observant.
Person for a man-representing his mother, his spouse, his secretary and his daughter. for a woman-representing her mother, herself, and her daughter. It also represents fortuneteller, prostitute, and moonlighter.
Body - skin, the womb, and urethra.

Interpretation Of Astrological Chart

Before you interpret you astrological chart, you have to understand the relation zones. First of all, you have to know which zone the star (s) is in. Taking the great controller at spouse zone for instance, you should check the great controller at spouse zone for interpretation. If there are more than one star at spouse zone, say great entertainer, you should also check the Great Entertainer at spouse zone for interpretation. For main or supporting structure zone, you will see "When Great.....meets Great....." which means the combination of these two stars will provide more detailed phenomena if your main or supporting structure zone has two main stars. The following shows what each relation zone indicates:

Main Structure : Your physical appearance, natural abilities, and lifetime success or failure.
Brothers and Sisters : Your relationship with your brothers, sisters and relatives.
Spouse : Your relationship with your spouse and / or companions.
Children : Your sexual ability and your relationship with your children.
Wealth : Your income and overall wealth.
Health : Your mental and physical health.
Travel : Your opportunities for travel.
Servant/Friend : Your relationship with your subordinates and confidantes.
Profession : Your career opportunities.
Property : Your assets and belongings.
Enjoyment : Your mental and physical enjoyments.
Parents : Your relationship with your parents. It also tells your traits.

Characteristics Of Terrestrial Branches

: Since olden times, the rat has always been looked upon with disdain by man. Strangely enough, legend has it that the rodent originated from a falling star that fell on to earth centuries ago. It split into fragments, which turned into numerous rats. Since then, the creature has had a profound effect on human beings.

OX : The ox is considered the 'self-sacrificing deity' by some nationalities. It carts, ploughs, and is by itself a source of food. All this makes the ox one of the most important animals in the farming community, which regarded it as a precious asset.

TIGER : Man called it the 'king of beasts' and accorded great respect to it. Legend has it that the Tiger was the incarnation of a celestial general. It is believed to be highly intelligent and possess supernatural powers.

RABBIT : A gentle animal, the rabbit embodies the qualities of purity and beauty. It symbolises the coming of spring - the season where living things take on a new lease of life.

DRAGON : The only mythological animal among the twelve, the dragon is no less important than the others. Stories about it can be found everywhere. Man has long considered it a celestial creature and looked upon it with awe and respect.

SNAKE : Though the very mention of the word 'snake' sends shivers down many a spine, it is unfair to generalise and say that all snakes are evil. In the Chinese mythical classic entitled legend of the white. Snake, the two characters, white snake and green snake symbolise kindness and virtue. However, the Bible refers to it as the cunning and treacherous demon or devil.

HORSE : The Horse is one of man's best friends. It has a beautifully shaped body, strong, sturdy legs and a glorious mane. Its strong and independent character can be seen from the way it struggles the stand up and walk barely ten minutes after it is born.

GOAT : People in China regard the goat as an auspicious animal. Its chinese character is derived from the character in the word, which means 'auspicious'. Goat has healthy body and ability to run and jump in the most graceful manner.

MONKEY : It is scientifically proven that man evolved from the ape. Hence, the monkey, which is part of the ape family, is closely linked to man. It is the most intelligent, agile and capable animal of its kind. In addition, its physiological make-up is uncannily similar to man.

ROOSTER : The rooster, as told in legends, originated from the many stars that fell on to earth. People sing praises about it as it is believed to possess the five virtues - proficiency in the arts (as represented by its crown), dexterity in sporting activities (the claws of its feet), courage (it would not hesitate of fight its enemy), benevolence (sharing food with others) and trustworthiness (crowing at day break without fail).

DOG : The close relationship between man and dog can be traced to primitive times. It is more of a love-hate relationship than anything else. Men love the Dog because it is agile, loyal, intelligent and uncomplaining by nature. However, they hate it for its too eager-to-please ways, which borders on hypocrisy.

PIG : 'Where there are people, there are pigs' - it goes to show how closely linked the two are. The pig is said to have originated from the North star, which fell on to earth to bring good fortune to mankind. Nasty things have been said about the pig; that it is stupid, lazy and greedy. However, science has proven that this is not the case.

You understand your closeones in a better way through this 12 animal cycle; where each person is thought to be born under a particular sign (representing a particular animal).