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Q: What is the purpose of Navratna ?
Ans. Navratna is the exclusive arrangment of gems. Which is featured in various astrological books. It is found to be very effective for everybody.
Q. Do we need to check horoscope for wearing Navratna ?
Ans. No, the best part of Navratna can be worn be anybody and any age group. Even if one has no horocope. One can wear it without any horoscope consultation.
Q Does it is suitable for ALL ?
Ans. Yes, it is found to be equally suitable for all. Whether its buiness person, executive, working ladies, house wives, school going children, retired person, old people.all.
Q. How u are giving this at such a Low price ?
Ans. These Navratna are made in arrangment with our Sister Concern. Oriental Gems Palace, Jaipur. Which is the 160 yrs. old organisation. We have huge stock of gems. Moreover Jaipur is one of largest house of gems stones.
Q. How about the authenticity of the metal and Gem stones used ?
Ans. The pendants and other products are normally made of 14k , 18k gold. And all the gemstones are real of natural origin.
Q. Do you provide any certification of this ?
Ans. All the jewellery products are normally accompained by certificate of autheticyty from Oriental Gems Palace.
Q. Can it be used for ornamental purpose ?
Ans. Lots of people just wear these for ornamental purpose. As this is the exclusive arrangment of gems. And very attractive and good looking.
Q. What is the quality of gemstone used ?
Ans. All the gemstones used are real and of good quality.
Q. What are the benefits of Navratna ?
Ans. In Nava-Ratna, Gems are crystalline minerals or petrified material that can be used as a distinct and advantageous remedial measure in astrology. Gems are considered to be the best for strengthing the positive influences of planets. They intensify the rays of the planets they represent. Each gem stone is specific to ascertain planet and takes positive traits of that planet. People since ancient times have sensed powerful energies emanating from gemstone crystals and their ability to bring good fortune and ward off evil.
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