Nava-Ratna FAQ    

Practices for the attraction of auspicious planets and mitigation of harmful planetary influences, which may be combined with the use of fine, natural gemstones for enhanced effect.
The following stotra mey be recited before using the nine-gem talisman:

"Aum brahma murari, tripuranta-kari,
bhanu, shasi, bhauma-suto, budhasca,
gurusca, shukra, shani, rahu, ketu,
kurvantu sarve mama su pravatam."

The most well-known design places a ruby, representing the Sun, in the center encircled by the other eight planetary gemstones, diamond for Venus, pearl for Moon, coral for Mars, hessonite for Rahu (the Moon's Ascending Node), blue sapphire for Saturn, cat's-eye for Ketu (the Moon's Descending Node), yellow sapphire for Jupiter and emerald for Mercury.

The Beautiful Nine-Gem Talisman known as 'Nava-Ratna'. Combining the gemstones representing each of the nine planets in sidereal astrology, the Nava-Ratna is esteemed by ancient tradition as a bringer of good fortune through its favorable influence on the planetary energies.

Translation: The Sun's gem is pure Ruby,
Moon is (natural) Pearl, Mars is red Coral, Mercury is Emerald, Jupiter is Yellow Sapphire, Venus is Diamond, Saturn is Blue Sapphire, Rahu is Hessonite, and Ketu is Cat's eye.

Benefits of Nava-Ratna
4 Beneficial in diseases especially those caused by poision.
4 Removes obstacles and dangers.
4 Wearer will never suffer any form of ill fortune.
4 Wearer will be freed from diseases and get happiness.
RUBY :  Sun's Gem
An ignorant person living a sinful life and surrounded by deadly enemies is saved by wearing such a gem. Anyone wearing such a naturally effulgent ruby would be freed from diseases caused by any imbalance of the bodily functions.
Pearl :  Moon's Gem
A person in possession of a snake pearl will never be troubled by snakes. The owner of a pearl will never suffer any form of ill fortune.
Yellow Sapphire :  Jupiter's Gem
The primery potency is for blessing a woman with child birth even if she has had difficulty. Also, as the energy of Jupiter, yellow sapphires confer happiness and prosperity upon those advised to wear them by a competent astrologer.
Emerald :  Mercury's Gem
It should be worn, both by the doctor and patient, during the treatment of any disease, especially those caused by poison or an imbalance of the body's vital airs.
Cat's Eye:  Ketu's Gem
The value of cat's eye is approximately one third the value of similar quality blue sapphire
Blue Sapphire :  Saturn's Gem
Astrologically, fine blue sapphires are as powerful as excellent rubies.
Coral :  Mars's Gem
It possesses power to increase the riches and wheat supplies of its wearer and also removes obstacles and dangers.