For the successful achievers and ambitious people who want to reach the top level, wearing of all 1 to 14 Mukhi Rudraksha is considered auspicious by the great epics. You may get everything what you can dream. for success in your life.
      Most powerful mala for a multidiscipline approach
According to Puranas , a person who wears Rudraksha from 1 to 14 Mukhi becomes Lord Shiva Incarnate . This mala maybe worn , or kept at altar for worship or even carried along in a pouch.
Translation: One who wears all mukhi becomes equal to me . So dear Son , one should try by all means to wear rudraksha ..
All Gods and Goddess reside in this mala . All should worship this mala . This is an "Akshamalika" (garland of letters) . All mantra (whose count is 7 crores) and all knowledge reside in this mala ..
Quote from Padma Purana Quote from Akshamalikopanishad

Most powerful mala for a multi-disciplined approach.
Siddh Mala With  Rudraksha Combination
It is a very special and most powerful Mala made of a selection of  one bead each of 1 mukhi Half Moon Shape , Gauri Shankar , Ganesh Rudraksha ,  2 mukhi till  14  mukhi Rudraksha   making a total of 27+1  beads .  All beads used are of collector variety of highest quality . The beads are strung in thread separated by Silver spacers .and beads. Central pendal of 1 mukhi , GauriShankar is capped in Silver .  
This mala has combinations of 1 to 14 mukhis ,Gauri Shankar and Ganesh rudraksha strung face to face and tail to tail as stated in our ancient puranas for mantra Siddhi and effectiveness . All beads used are of collector grade quality .This has rudraksha beads representing all planets and representing all Devi and Devatas .  It is infused with mantras and blessings prior to despatch .

Rudraksha works by sight , touch , worship and possession .  You may wear it as often as you can , or keep at altar for wearing during times of spiritual discipline , or only keep for worship as form of Lord Shiva . This Siddh mala will given you prosperity and family happiness as all planetary and divine blessings would be with you .