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Name : Ganesh Lakshmi Power Pendant

Price : 2350 Rs.

8 mukhi , Ganesh Rudraksha , 7 mukhi Goddess Lakshmi Rudraksha.

This is a highly specialized design for Business Persons, Working Executives and is intended for the removal of obstacles in Business / Job and to receive the Blessings and Grace of Goddess Lakshmi.

The 8 Mukhi Lord Ganesha Rudraksha that moves and removes all obstacles has been combined with the Special Ganesha Rudraksha that has the Auspicious Feature of Lord Ganeshas Trunk and gives wearer perfection in every sphere of life and the Grace of Lord Ganesha. Two of the 7 Mukhi Goddess Lakshmi Rudraksha are added to this combination to increase Wealth in all areas of Life.


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Original Price : 500 (1st Yr.) + 400 Rs. From 2nd Yr.
Ordered By : 214 Visitors (Date: 26-Oct-2003)

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  • If you will be able to repay your loans;
  • will debtors pay their outstanding dues?
  • Should you speculate in stocks and shares or is property a better bet?
  • Where does your financial position lie in the next 12 months.
  • A complete money report and how best to make it!
  • Astrology is a very good means of finding out many financial patterns which are not visible to outsides and sometimes even to yourself.
  • With the means of Indian Astrology we are able to determine :
  • Level of accumulation of money in a persons life.
  • What is the age beyond / upto which finances would be positive.
  • Sources of inflows of money.
  • Areas in which money can be earned.
  • Success in investments
  • Any combinations ( habits) which make money matters negative for you.
  • Periods of highs and lows.

  • Based on these calculation is our Financial Status Astrology Report which includes :
    • Most suitable ways to earn money. (Business / Job etc)
    • Areas in which success is possible.
    • Investments : Whether favorable / infavourable
    • Any bad combination of planets holding back monetary success.
    • Positive and Negative Period in the coming times.
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