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Bhavishya Darshan, Jaipur the pride of Pink City is the largest company in india in the field of Computer Horoscope making. It is situated Just in front of Hawamahal (Wind Palace) one of the most beautiful building in Rajasthan. Its architecture is so marvellous, so that you will always feel cool wind flowing inside it. One of the best place to Visit in Pink city(Jaipur). The name Pink City has been given to Jaipur because most of the buildings in jaipur city are painted dark pink.


Thus giving it a wonderful uniform look.  It is worth visiting to this place in India. Rajasthan is also known for its kind heartness. The Company is headed by Shri Vijai Kumar Lunia, the man of principles and is kind hearted. Basically a Jeweller by profession, his family is in jewellery trade for the last 200 hundred years. The company is by the name of Oriental Gem Palace. He got his interest in Astrology some 14 years back. He founded Bhavishya Darshan by making the team of 2 astrologers and one PC-286 in year 1987. By keeping one motto in mind, the service of mankind. It is only by the grace of God, well wishes and devotion of our team that today we are the largest company in India.
Today Bhavishya Darshan is having 16 fast speed computer systems of pentium range, seven fast speed Laser Printers, inkjets, and also available on internet. The team comprises of 25 full time staff members along with team of more than 50 consultant astrologers and astronomers. Thanks to Shri Vijai Kumar Lunia the back bone behind this whole success.
We also have lot of visitors from other countries. Who have keen interest in astrology. Mr. Zurichk from bern made a visit to our place. He was so much impressed by our efforts in astrology. He invited us to visit his country for giving lectures on astrology. He is running astrological magazine company in bern. Today we send horoscope by mail to different parts of the world and soon we will also be providing the same through internet. Our new software Aryabhatt is one of the best softwares in world. Its gaining wide popularity in India, we are also going to release it internationally
Our future plans : In future we are planning to extend our expertise in the field of Vaastu Shastra, Palmistry, Numerology, medical astrology and other occult sciences. We have already started work on these ascpects of occult sciences. Lots of work has been already done and lots of work is yet to be done. We don't want to leave any stone unturned. We will be presenting these things to you in its most refined form, so that an ordinary person can use it for its routine. These activites are carried out under the expert guidance of Shri Mohan Lal Ji Sharma and Shri Beni Madav Ji Goswami.
The Key Persons at Bhavishya Darshan: The Computer Programming, Website Development and other technical related activities are taken care by Mr. Ankit Kothari and Mr. Vijay Golecha . The management of Bhavishya Darshan staff is looked after by Shri L.P. Sharma the oldest person at Bhavishya Darshan. Horoscope booking and other routine astrological consultation are taken care by Mr. Subhash Pareek. Apart from above Shri Giriraj Ji  Expert Astrologer from Indore is in our staff and taking care of prediction part in our new aryabhatt software along with team of other astrologers.

Bhavishya Darshan
Janam Patrika
Govardhan Nath Ji Ka Mandir, First Floor,
Near Hawamahal , Jaipur-302002
Rajasthan, India

Phone : #91 141 2610853, 2612861

E-Mail : aryabhattastro@gmail.com  india@aryabhatt.com