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Captin of Indian TeamIndia VS    PakistanCaptin of Pakistan Team
(Tuesday 16th-March 2004)
(1.30 pm (D/N) IST)
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        Horary Astrology : We have prepared this report on the basis of Horary Astrology (Prashna Kundali), one of the art of Astrology Science, practiced widely in India. The technique is widely used for the purpose of finding the outcome of the future event. In which you don't have the time.

What is Horary Astrology ?

            This branch of science is mysterious, prefect, wonderful and most useful. After thoroughly understanding the principles, one can offer correct, clear and precise predictions without any confusion. There are different methods of applying horary.  We have used one of the methods. To know more about horoary mail us at

This question was asked on 13-March-2004 Thursday at 17:43 Hours (IST) At the time of asking the question the Leo Ascendant arising whose lord Sun is aspecting it from 7th House. And ascendant lord is aspecting by Jupiter from ascendant. But ninth place Rahu weakens ascendant by aspecting it. Ninth lord Mars is placed in tenth house, which is its signifying house and giving strength to indian team by aspecting ascendant.

At present Mercury Mahadasa (Major Period) Rahu Antardasa (Sub Period) and Jupiter Pratyantar (Sub-Sub Period) is running at that time of question. But the Major Period Lord is placed Twelfth from Sub Period Lord and Sub Period Lord is Sixth-Eighth from Sub-Sub Period Lord. This position makes Indian team weakens and makes the position opposite at second half.

For Pakistan seventh Lord Saturn is placed in friendly sign in good position. And Seventh House (House of Opponent) is aspecting by retrograte Jupiter. Rahu is placed in Third House (House of vigour) strengthens Pakistan will power and inspire them to do hard for victory.

So in our opinion, victory of Pakistan over India seems possible in todays match.

We Wish Best of Luck for Both the Teams.

Note: The report is prepared purely on the basis of Astrology Principal. However it has nothing to do with the opinion of any staff of or and its staff is not responsible for any decision taken out of this report.

We have just applied the astrology principles and prepared the report. So, don;t take any conclusion for this report for any purpose.
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