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Captin of Indian TeamIndia VS    PakistanCaptin of Pakistan Team
(Sunday 21st-March 2004)
(1.30 pm IST D/N)
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        Horary Astrology : We have prepared this report on the basis of Horary Astrology (Prashna Kundali), one of the art of Astrology Science, practiced widely in India. The technique is widely used for the purpose of finding the outcome of the future event. In which you don't have the time.

What is Horary Astrology ?

        This branch of science is mysterious, prefect, wonderful and most useful. After thoroughly understanding the principles, one can offer correct, clear and precise predictions without any confusion. There are different methods of applying horary.  We have used one of the methods. To know more about horoary mail us at

     The Lahore One Day Match between India and Pakistan will prove to be very crucial and exciting for the Indian point of view, as it can be a deciding match for India to level the series or lost it.

     At the time of query (will India win the match of Sunday) aries rising with Venus & Rahu in it aspected by Jupiter & Ketu. The placement of Venus & Rahu in the ascendant are not so desirable as Venus is lord of 7th (opponents) house and Rahu increases danger of misunderstandings or physical injuries.

     The lord of ascendant Mars is also confer not much help as placed in between the malefics in the unfriendly 2nd house. Saturn in the 3rd house, bestows power to resists but not enough to overpower the opponents as lord of this house Mercury is debilitated in the 12th house in Pisces. Jupiter in the 5th house can help as lord of 9th house but afflictions of Jupiter by Saturn, Mars and Rahu are reduce its power considerably to flourish India by better luck. The seventh house (opponents) contains Ketu aspected by its own lord Venus from the 1st house. Venus is powerful as attains its own house in Navamansa Chart.

     The aspect of Mars in the 8th house is important as it can make the tie as nail bite finish. The aspect of Saturn on the house of luck is not desirable here. The 10th & 11th houses are important, but adverse placement of Saturn from the 10th house denotes lack of adequate efforts by the members of Indian squad. The house of gain or fulfillment of desires is receiving the benefic aspect of Jupiter from 5th house, but as we written earlier that afflicted & retrograde Jupiter is not strong enough to bestow the much desire results. Saturn is powerful in Navamansa but aspect of Ketu on Saturn from the 7th house in the query chart is capable to restricted Saturn to bestow good results, if it can do so.

To summarized the discussion we can get these points:
  • The match will be prove to very exciting the luck of both teams may be fluctuate on both sides in a nail bite finish.
  • Indian squad may be shaken in the initial stage of match but able to consolidate their position later on.
  • Inspite of excellent performance, due to some unavoidable reasons and unfavourable decisions prove to put a question mark on the success of Indian team.

We Wish Best of Luck for Both the Teams.

Note: The report is prepared purely on the basis of Astrology Principal. However it has nothing to do with the opinion of any staff of or and its staff is not responsible for any decision taken out of this report.

We have just applied the astrology principles and prepared the report. So, don;t take any conclusion for this report for any purpose.
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