Liberation while living is considered in indian life to be the highest experience - a fusion of the individual with the universal. The individual manifestation is like a spark of cosmos, as the human organism, the microcosm, parallels everything in the macrocosm.
The whole body with its biological and psychological processes becomes an instrument through which the cosmic energy reveals itself. According to tantric principles, all that exists in the universe must also exist in the human body. If we can analyse one human being, we shall be able to analyse the entire universe. , because it is believed that all is built in the same plane.
The purpose is to search for the whole truth within, so that one may realize one's inner self, unfolding the basic reality of the universe.
The Sanskrit word kundalini means 'coiled-up'. The coiled kundalini is the female energy existing in the latent form.  Not only in every human being but in every atom of the universe. It may frequently happen that an individual's kundalini energy lies dormant throughout his or her entire life-time and he or she is unaware of its existence. The object of the tantric practice of kundalini-yoga is to awaken this cosmic energy and cause it to unite with Siva, the Pure Consciousness pervading the whole universe.
The static, unmanifested Kundalini is symbolised by a serpent coiled into three and a half circles, with its tail in the mouth, and spiraling around the central axis at the base of spine. When kundalini Sakti is ready to unfold, she ascends to unite above the crown of the head with Siva(Pure Consciousness).
Long training and preparatory disciplines are undertaken  for the arousal of kundalini, but there is no fixed rule. Several yogic principals are used in arousal of Kundalini Energy.
Breath provides the means of symbiosis between different forms of life and also between existence and awareness. Yoga is concerned to direct this bio-motor force towards the expansion of consciousness in the human organism. It is through the science of breathing that the body's subtle centres are vitalized
Yoga has developed systematic techniques of breathing regulating its speed, depth and rhythm. In normal circumstances our breathing is very irregular. not only are inhalation and exhalation shallow but they lack harmony.
The cosmic principles moving with the outgoing(i.e. descending) current of vital air are involuted with the starting of the return current. Ascent is to made in the reverse order to descent. This repeated filling and emptying of the breath is the rhythm of the universe itself, sending waves to strike at the root impulses of the kundalini.
When Kundalini is struck, she awakens, uncoils(i.e. is dynamized), and begins to rise upwards like a fiery serpent, breaking upon each chakras as she ascends, until the Shakti merges with Siva in the laya-yoga.
The dynamization, transformation and sublimation of the physical, mental, and spiritual state is only possible with the arousal of Kundalini Sakti and her reorientation from downword to upward movement as she rises to unite with Siva, resulting in the flooding of whole being with indescribable bliss. The aspirant raises himself from the grosser elements to the subtler, and realizes, in a transcendental experience, his union with Siva-Sakti, to become a 'cosmic-man'.

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