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Some lucky charms
Crystal gazing
     Phenomena of crystal gazing
     Instructions of crystal gazing
     Astral appearance in the crystal
Mystic eye
     Instructions for the use of mystic eye
     Type of question one may ask

Everybody beliefs in charms that bring good luck and ward off evils. Everywhere people carry a lucky sign, or some talisman to bring in good luck. Some of the lucky signs widely used are very popular.

Some Lucky Charms

: This is a lucky sign for prosperity, comforts and all round success. This may be worn around the neck or on a ring. The sign can be of Gold, silver or copper.

Swastika : It is the most auspicious and tested replica, attributed to Lord Ganesha son of Lord Shiva. The Sanskrit meaning of the word is "purveyor of good fortune". It bestows luck and prosperity on the wearer. It can be used around the neck, or on the ring in gold, silver or copper.

Cross : This sign is attributed to Jesus Christ. It ensures prosperity. Peace of mind, purity in life and finally helps the wearer to realise Christ.

Beads : Beads are worn for prosperity, cures from diseases and for spiritual advancement. Corel beads are used by children to protect them from the evil eye or from disease. The best beads are of rudraksha, wood, chandan, tulsi and coral.

Bamboo and Serpent : This is an ancient and complicated symbol. It consists of a circle around which numerous triangles are inscribed. Across the circle lies a bamboo stick of seven sections crossed by a serpent. This charm is supposed to bring skill in learning and is worn by students. The circle represents eternity. The triangle having three sides, represents the trinity. The Bamboo stick has seven knots to represent the seven stages of wisdom through which the scholar must pass to attain perfect knowledge. The serpent has always been a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. Each one of them can be used as lucky charm but when added together, all these bring luck and success to the student and the wearer.

Fish : The fish is considered as a religious symbol in various religious rites. Due to its great fertility, it is a sign of wealth and prosperity. Many people wear little carvings of fish as a means of ensuring wealth and good luck.

Horse Shoe : Universally accepted as a charm of good luck. It is used everywhere and is always used in ways to keep the luck from spilling over. A black horseshoe or its ring is specially used to ward off the evil effects of the planet saturn and that of the evil eye. It also removes the effects of sadesati and the wearer is benefited with wealth.It is fixed on doors also.

Key : Three keys are usually worn together. In this charm, the keys stand for love, wealth and health and the wearer is believed to be able to unlock the doors to these.

Planetary Signs : When a planet is malefic and is not giving favourable results, use replica or sign of another planet, as advised to neutralise the evil effects. The wearer will be blessed with fortune.

Birthday Sign : You can use the replica of your sun sign (Aries to Pisces) in the prescribed metal for good luck, happiness and prosperity.

Many people make and carry their own charms. This is perfectly permissible. If an object seems to be connected with one's success, it is permissible to use this object as a charm and a source of good luck. Often an heirloom, which has brought good fortune to the family, will be passed on to the child and heirs in the family, so as to retain good luck.

Crystal Gazing

Crystal Gazing is an ancient Hindu art. Through its use, crimes have been solved, lost articles are found, hidden facts or lives have been discovered and unrealised aspects of one relationship with others have been revealed. It also indicates the future and gives replies to one's questions. Though crystal gazing has been used with remarkable success in piecing together the facts of the past, looking to the future and discovering what that is about to happen have to be done cautiously. The basic conception of crystal Gazing is "concentration". The persons endowed with natural ability to concentrate are aided in their use of the sphere. To what extent this power exists in the would be experimenter can be told by a first class Phrenologist.


Phenomena of Crystal Gazing  

The phenomena of crystal gazing may be classified as follows:
FIRST: Images of something unconsciously observed. New reproductions, voluntary or spontaneous, and bringing no fresh knowledge to the mind.
SECOND: The images of ideas unconsciously acquired from others, by telepathy or otherwise. Some memory or Imaginative effect, which does not come from the gazer's ordinary self. Revivals of memory. illustration of thoughts.
THIRD: Images, clairvoyant or prophetic, pictures bringing information as to something past, present or future which to interpret the gazer has.

Instructions for Crystal Gazing  

1. The crystal Ball must be clean, without any blemishes or bubbles.
2. For successful gazing, the person should be highly sensitive and receptive.
3. Ability to concentrate is the key to success. Everything around you should be completely "shut out" from your thinking.
4. The gazer should seek to put everything out of his mind except the problem. There should be no noise in the room otherwise it will distract and reduce concentration.
5. Gaze steadily at the Crystal without batting an eye or moving the muscles of the body
6. The back of the crystal ball should be held towards the light, but never its face.
7. Sometimes, the scenes in the crystal will change as you gaze and you should tell what you see and what is happening before your eyes. Do not add to it. Be honest in revealing what you have seen.
8. Do not use the crystal ball as entertainment.
9. Select a quiet room where you will be entirely undisturbed, taking care that it is as far as possible free from mirrors, pictures, glaring colours, and the like, which may cause distraction. Avoid any light rays from being reflected or in any manner directly reaching the crystal.
10. Any person or persons admitted to the room should keep absolute silence and remain seated at a distance from you. When you have developed Occult powers, questions should be put by the person present in a gentle low and slow tone of voice, never suddenly or in a forceful manner.

11. Two principal classes of visions will present themselves to the gazer: (a) Symbolic indicated by the appearance of symbol such as flag, boat, knife, gold etc. (b) Actual scenes and personage, in action or otherwise. Persons, who are active, exciteable, and decisive, normally see symbolic visions. Passive persons will find direct or little revelation. Be truthful, unselfish and grateful and have confidence in yourself to gaze and concentrate the mind.

Astral Appearance in the Crystal  

In the end, we tabulate the results of Astral appearance in the Crystal.
1. White cloud - Good, the affirmative, favour
2. Black cloud - Bad, inauspicious
3. Violet, Green, Blue cloud - Coming joy, excellent
4. Red, Crimson, Orange or Yellow cloud - Danger, trouble, sickness, beware, deception, grief, betrayal, slander, loss, surprises of a disagreeable nature.
5. Ascending clouds - Affirmative replies to questions asked. If the query is a silent one it makes no difference.
6. Descending clouds - The negation of all questions.
7. Clouds or shadow - Moving towards the left-hand mean 'The real' or a picture of an actual thing. Whatever appears on the right hand side is symbolical.Itrepresents presence of Spiritual beings, and their interest.
8. Moonlight - Benefits the magic mirror or gazing crystal
9. Sunlight - The chemical and active rays or influence of the direct sunlight are injurious, and will ruin the magnetic susceptibility of the crystal.
10. Extreme of Heat or cold - Injurious warning.

A sure and certain low exists, viz-that if the seer's purpose is evil when he or she uses the crystal or Magic mirror, it will react upon the seer sooner or later with terrible effect. All are strictly cautioned to be good and do good only.


Mystic Eye

Mystic eye is a phenomenon of physical reaction to your conscious subconscious and super conscious mind. The mystic eye is that it sees all, knows all and tells all.


Instructions for the use of mystic eye  

The mystic eye consists of psycho-activated pendulum and answers YES and NO.
Relax, hold the string of the Pendulum between the thumb and forefinger. Rest your elbow on the table, so that the pendulum is suspended about inch about the "eye". Think of a question or ask a question in a fairly loud tone. Remove all skepticisms from your mind and concentrate your attention on the Eye. The Pendulum will then swing in the direction of the answer. Do not move your hand or attempt to control the motion of the Pendulum. You will discover that your subconscious thoughts are as powerful as a giant motor.


Type of question one may ask  

One may ask a question about any subject relevant to oneself or one's surrounding, one's past, one's present or future, about love, health, business, money or success. The mystic eye may also be used as a lie detector or self analyser.

The mystic eye responds when one ask or are asked a question, the pendulum will start moving or swinging in the direction of the answer. It is not necessary to stop the motion of the pendulum when asking a new question. If the pendulum is answering "yes" to a question and the next question calls for a "no" answer, the pendulum will automatically slow down with a circular motion and then swing to "no" answer. If there is slight delay in motion of the Pendulum it indicates lack of concentration. This can be corrected by starting with a more jotting question. Besides one can know the date of birth of a person and answer to many futuristic questions using mystic eye.

The details of various charms, the way to use and predict through crystal gazing and much about the mystic eye and way to use it can be found in the book

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