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    At the time of birth rays of different planets fall on our body in different proportionate. Its graph is called chart of horoscope. Likewise it's chart appear on the palms of newly born baby which is considered for the purpose of study of palmistry. Various lines and traits, their shapes, development of mounts, shape of palm, flexibility, hardness, colour of palm, shape and size of thumb and various fingures, shape of nails, the colour of nails, position of moons on the nail, visiblity of veins on back portion of palm etc. are taken into account in assessment of quality of person and in prediction. The palm of one person does not resemble with the palm of others. The nature and the almighty god are so powerful who have created mankind in such a way that the face and the palm of one person does not resemble with others even though there are billions and billions rather one persons in the world. This is main cause that the police department and other investigating agencies take palm impression of the criminals and test their finger prints in forensic laboratories to ascertain various aspects of the relevant person. On the basis of the palm past incidents, the nature of person, the hereditary diseases, original nature and change in nature later on, present position and the future and predicted.

    Everyone in the world is curious to know about his future, his career, ups and down in his life, health condition, prosperity of family, peaceful and charming life, the span of life, sexual field and various many things. These all things are affected with the condition of the planets. The nature of job, the progress of life, the style of thinking, educational field, position fof life partner are depending on the power of the planets which are governing a person. For an example, the position of Jupiter is powerful, the fate line, sun line, moon and mars are supporting to the Jupiter, the person will earn a name and marvelous fame in the world. In the hands of very prominent persons, politicians, scientists, doctors, poets and very big businessmen position of Jupiter is always found strong and powerful over and above support of sun, fate line, moon, mercury, mars etc.. Likewise in the case of artist, poet, writer and others the position of Moon and Venus and their mounts are found prominents along with very good position of Jupiter, fate line, sun line and others. The suppressed moon with bad position of Jupiter, sun, mars and Saturn will put a man in mentally retarded conditin, mentally depressed condition or many cause reason of blood pressure with very wide position of moon on the nails. If the heart line is defective, the colour of nails and palm is fully red, the moons are very big and other traits are not favourable, the chances of heart failure can not be ruled-out. In the above condition instead of heart line if the head line is defective, the chances of brain hamradge can be apprehended. In a hand if the mars is very prominent and others above planets are helping, the person will earn name and fame in bravery. The generals, chief army officers and adventurous who earned name in the world had prominent effect of mars on their palms. In case the head line is terminating in lower portion of the mount of moon in a cross position, the palm is very flexible and long, the palm is psychic, Jupiter is suppressed, position of Saturn is not favourable and the head line starts in a chain system with the help of life line, the person can commit suicide on small things which can not be tolerated by him. The family life of such persons are generally found disturbed and unsatisfactory.

    In preparation of horoscope time of birth, date of birth and place of birth are essential so that the graph of chart can be prepared to ascertain in what proportionate rays of different planets fell on one's body at the time of birth. In absense of time of birth, date of birth and place of birth as such horoscope can not be prepared. But, in palmistry these three things are not required because the position and power of planets is reflected on the palm at the time of birth which remains for ever. There are millions and millions of persons they are not aware of their time of birth and date of birth, for them palmistry is only the science which can tell of future. On the basis of palmistry, the correctness of horoscope can also be ascertained as to whether the horoscope is correct or otherwise. Many times when some one is born at the time of change of ascendant, possibility of wrong horoscope can not ruled-out, if there is slightly change in time of birth. Many a times various persons prefer to get checked their horoscope with their palm lines to doubly verify the facts.