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The Thumb:
  • The thumb will show a persons drive and how they apply that. The more ordinary the thumb the more ordinary the person.
  • There are two sections, the top which shows willpower and the bottom which shows just how much you will push to get what you want. Large thumbs show a strong personality.
  • Small thumbs show the person is more gentle. Long, broad thumbs belong to people who push hard and succeed.
  • Long, narrow thumbs belong to people who want to succeed but dont have the driving force. Small, broad thumbs belong to people who lack determination.
  • Thumbs that have an exceptionaly wide top belong to aggressive people. If the other applies and the top is very narrow it indicates a sign of weakness. Uncover The Truth About Anyone!
  • A thick top joint shows a person who is blunt. The tapered tip shows a subtle way of doing things.
  • A thumb that holds itself close to the side of the hand shows a stingy person. A thumb that sticks out indicates a carefree personality.
Index Finger:
  • A long index finger shows self confidence and awareness. The owner is sure of their ability.
  • People with this finger are keen on advancement. They like to be in charge and have their own way.
  • They are capable and do well being in charge of a crisis situation.
  • For people with a short index finger the reverse holds true. They are usually shy, afraid they will fail and inclined to have self doubt.
  • People with a curved index finger are collectors and often have many hobbies.
Middle Finger:
  • If the middle finger is long it indicates a person who treats life very seriously. They believe strongly in getting ahead.
  • People with short middle fingers are careless and generally prefer not to work
  • Most people tend to have a middle sized middle finger, meaning they are somewhere in between.
Ring Finger:
  • If the ring finger is long the person will have a creative nature.
  • They will go well in the field of art or fashion design.
  • Sometimes this long ring finger is associated with people who have a gambling problem.
  • Short ring fingers are extremly rare.
Little Finger:
  • People with long little fingers have a high I.Q. They make good writers and speakers and have a strong sex drive.
  • A short little finger reveals emotional immaturity.
  • If the little finger is low set it indicates the person as a child had a problem with one of their parents. In some cases it indicates they were a victim of child abuse.
  • If the little finger sticks out from the hand it may indicate the person is involved in a relationship they do not want to be in.
Finger Settings:
  • Personality traits such as strength of character may be found from the way the fingers are set into the palm.
  • People with evenly set fingers are rare but when found indicate confidence.
  • These people always go on to be successful in life.
  • An uneven setting indicates a person with a lack of self confidence, especially if the little finger is very low set.
  • A person with an arched setting will have a well balanced personality.
Life Line:
  • The life line does not indicate how old you will live. What the line reveals is the quality of your life.
  • It is an index of how much vitality, strength and energy you have. A life line running close to the thumb indicates a person of low vitality, sometimes found in the hands of people who suffer chronic fatigue syndrom.
  • A life line that runs a wide curve shows a person with lots of vitality, get up and go. If the head line is stronger than the life line it shows a person who is more mentally than physically active.
  • A chained life line indicates a delicate health. Little lines rising indicate an active personality.
  • Outward swinging lines indicate a love of travel. Most of the small lines on the life line refer to particular events at certain times of your life.
  • A branch leading to the Jupiter mount is a sign of academic achievment. A branch that leads to the Saturn mount indicates a successful property transaction.
  • A branch towards the Appollo mount indicates monetary gain. A branch towards the Mercury mount indicates business success.
Heart Problems:
  • Short nails are often found among people with a history of heart problems.
  • Arch fingerprints are also assiciated with people who have heart problems and high blood pressure.
  • The simian line is also associated with people who may have heart problems.
  • If the heart line also has pronounced chaining it may indicate heart problems.
  • A complete breaking up and fragmenting at the end of the heart line often occurs in people before a heart attack.
  • When you see people with clubbed fingertips this is another sign.
Hair On The Hand:
  • On most hands you will find little or no hair.
  • Hair is most common on the back of mens hands.
  • Usually the more hair, the more the physical strength.
  • Colour of the hair is important.
  • A profusely hairy hand is often found on men with a high sex drive.
  • They also tend to over eat, and often in times of crisis will revert to their animal instincts.
  • When the hair on the back of the hand is sparce, fine and thin, it indicates people with lack of vigor.
  • They often tend to suffer from nervous problems.
  • Although on the good side, people with less hair are more diplomatic.
Colour Of Skin:
  • The health of a person is often indicated by the colour of their hands.
  • Dead white hands often indicate a lack of circulation.
  • Pink hands are usually a sign of good health.
  • Red hands may indicate high blood pressure.
  • Blue-ish hands indicate a sluggish condition of the circulation of the blood supply.
  • The normal colour of the palm should be rosy and pinkish.
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