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Height  Hair  Head  Forehead  Eyebrows  Eyes  Nose  Ears  Face  Cheeks  Lips  Teeth  Chin  Tongue  Palate  Voice

Neck   Arms  Shoulders Hands  Belly  Navel  Fingers and thumb  Waist  Thighs  Hair on body 

Back  Knees  Calf muscles  Ankles  Heels  Feet  Toes  Toe nails  Lines under feet 

Physiogamy means reading one's character by face and appearance.This science originated from India and spread to Iran, Rome, and France.Thereafter other countries have also made further research in this science.

It is believed that the body of a woman consists of 32 parts. As the laws of nature, the temperament and habits of a woman vary from one individual to other and so does the body parts.The beauty of the woman has to be judged on the whole considering all the parts together.Though 'the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder' but still as per the rules of physiognomy the different body parts has been defined ideally.

Gnerally, five body parts should be big; they are eyes, nose, knees, breasts and eyebrows. Fingeers, nails and body texture should be thin and soft.Thighs and mouth should be broad and big.

Height : The average height of a woman makes her loved by her husband and such a woman is well versed by in her household duties and performs them well. If a woman is too tall, she is not so sexy.If she is of short stature, she is a happy-go-lucky type, quite sexy, fond of plaesures, good hearted and fond of music. Height of a woman should normally be equal to seven times the length of hand strech or balisht ; i.e. approximately 63 inches. The length of legs should be equal to the length of the trunk.The distance between the neck and shoulder should be equal to twice the distance between the nose and ears on the head.
Hair : Long, dark hair are considered as part of beauty. Shoulder length hair (naturally) indicate a self praising, envious and jealous woman. If the hair is red in color, the woman is considered to be harsh tempered, quarrelsome and ill natured. Black and curly hair indicate that the woman is lucky and wealthy. A woman with thick, coarse, short and rough hair is considered to have bad luck. When hair is soft, silky, thin, dark, very long upto knees, it is an indication of beauty and good luck.
Head : When the front part of the head is straight, she is lucky. If head is curved, she will be lucky and will lead a comfortable life. If the head is long, she will be of questionable kind. If the head is round like a circle, one will be unlucky.
Forehead : A long and broad forehead shows that a woman is unlucky and may cause death of her father in law. A high forehead is auspicious for woman indicating good luck and prosperity. If the forehead is long and the veins are visible, the woman has loose morals. If there is a red hair standing on the forehead, it indicates bad luck. When the forehead is covered with hair, it indicates selfishness and mean mentality in a woman. When the forehead is depressed in the middle, she is jealous and bearing ill will against others. A lady having a forehead shaped like a half moon, with less hair clear and a horizontal line, is known as a lucky woman.

Lines on forehead : If there is one line on the forehead the age is estimated to be 40 years, two lines as 60 years, three lines as 70 years, four lines as 80 years and five lines as 100 years.

Sign on forehaed : A trishul shows that she is a ruler, a very lucky and wealthy woman. a swastik, a triangle, a square, a grille sign indicate that a woman is destined to lead a life of a princess with all luck and wealth.

Eyebrows : When the eyebrows are like a bow and the hair is soft, black and neither scanty nor bushy, that is the sign not only of baeauty but also of good luck and strong character. When the eyebrows are hairless or have scanty hair, it is an omen of bad luck. When eyebrows join in centre above the nose it is a sign of widowhood. Such a woman is wicked and a cheat. If the eyebrows are straight, lengthy, thick, ill formed and reddish, with broken joints, it indicates an unlucky woman. When the eyebrows are curved and bent over the eyelids, black coloured, soft, of even thickness, it is a sign of a lucky damsel.
Eyes : If the eyes are big, restless, large, extended, shining with a lustre, having dark pupils with red threads around, exuding smooth and pleasant radiance, they indicate that a woman is lucky; of a domineering nature, respected and a leader in society. When the eyes are small, dull, gloomy, restless, grey coloured, round, slightly bent and blank, shaped like those of a pigeon, they denote ugliness in a woman. Such a woman is shrewd and is not likely to rise in life. If the eyes are red, she is passionate, a cheat and untrustworthy. If the eyes are big, long, with a red line therein,they denote a passionate nature. Such a damsel is very popular in society. If the eyes are black and round, she is very sexy. If the eyes are drowsy, she is fond of the opposite sex and has loose morals. If the sides of eyes are soft and the eyelashes are black it is a sign of good luck. When the sides of eyes have scanty hair, yellowish and the ends are thick, it indicates ill-luck.


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