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Nose : If the nose of a woman is hooked like a parrot, she is good natured, enjoys fame, is clever and a well wisher of her family. A straight nose and of normal length makes a woman beautiful, wise, witty and diligent. A woman with a small nose is cunning, shrewd, mischievous and lustful. If the nose is depressed in the middle, the front part very high, crooked or very fat, then such a woman will be devoid of love and sympathy. she will be wicked, cruel, loose in character and hasty in decision. If the nostrils are fat and wide, the woman will be lazy, strong headed, proud and fond of a pleasurable life. If the tip of the nose is small, the woman will pass her life as a slave. If the tip of the nose is long, she will be of harsh temperament. If the tip is depressed, it is an omen for longevity of her husband. If there is hair on her nose, sge is shrewd and unlucky.
Ears : When a woman has long ears, alittle flabby, soft, proportionate in dimensions, and appeals to the naked eye, it indicates that she will be lucky and will lead a comfortable life. If ears are crooked, thin, unequal in size, they indicates a woman to be unlucky.
Face : It is said that a face is round, soft, flushed red, smooth, fleshy, glamorous,lustful, the lady is considered fortunate.She is respected, she is a good administrator, can control all situations with confidence. If the face is like her parents, it is a sign of her parents, it is a damsel of good luck. If the face is pale, the woman is of questionable character and of loose morals. If the woman has a shining face, she can be classified as shrewd, a cheat but lucky. A wide mouth indicates her passionate nature.
Cheeks : Red, blood-colored radiant cheeks are liked by everybody. If a damsel has round, fleshy, full and red cheeks, it indicates good health and beauty, and is a sign of prosperity. When the cheeks are depressed, fleshless, skinny and have hair on them, they indicate ill-health and she is considered unfortunate. Dimples on cheeks while laughing and talking are not a lucky sign. But if dimples are there only while smiling it is an indication of a woman being liked by her husband. Apple colored cheeks do not presage a good character. Black spots on cheecks indicate depravity and loose character.
Lips : If the lips are red, thin,smooth,hairless, well shaped and of equal proportion, the woman is loved by her husband and is sexy by nature. A woman with thin lips has longing desires and tenderness, is good in household work and in addition loves talking. If the lips are heavy, drooping and thick, the lady may become adulterous and unchaste. If the lower lip is of red color and round and has a line thereon, she leads a life of a queen and a very lucky and wealthy. But if the lower lip is thick and black in color, she is of a questionable character and nature and may loose her husband. When the lower lip is thin, long, broken and dry, it is a sign of ill-luck. If the upper lip is soft and convex in the center and is devoid of hair, it is considered lucky, full of passions. If the upper lip is thick, has hair on it, is long and dry, it is sure sign of loose character and shows that the woman is fond of the pleasures.
Teeth : White, lusturous, shining, pearl like of equal size and 32 in number, indicate fortune. If the teeth are big,dirty, crooked, a woman is unlucky and unworthy of being married to anyone. If the number of teeth in the lower jaw is more than those in the upper jaw, is a sign of ill luck. Gap between the teeth or rat like teeth or black gums are a sign of bad luck.
Chin : A round, smooth, soft, symmetrical and proportianate chin is a sign of good luck. When the chin is heavy, fat, round, conical, it denotes a woman of short temper and hasty in actions. She may be secretive, harmful, self centered and may face troubles in life. If there is dimple in chin, the woman is cheerful, lovable, kind hearted but would be unlucky as far as the wealth and happiness ain th life is concerned. A lady with long chin is full of worldly desires and of loose character.
Tongue : A red colored tongue indicates a lucky woman. If the color of the tongue is black, such a woman will be quarrelsome, jealous,hot tempered and envious. If the color of tongue is white, the lady will not mantain good health. If the tongue is rough and abrased near it's tip, it denotes a woman of quarrelsome and wicked nature. She is back bitter and generally remains gloomy for no apparent reason. A too long tongue indicates an unlucky woman.
Palate : A soft palate, red in color indicates fortune. If it is white in color, the woman will be a good administrator and will be like a queen. If black in color she will be quarrelsome, leading a miserable life. If it is yellow in color, she will be cheat, a liar and wicked.If palate is fleshy, her wealth will be wasted.
Voice : A sweet voice is God's gift and such woman are good natured, loving and attractive. A harsh and rough voice indicates a wicked, cunning and shrewd woman. A woman with man like voice is unlucky. A woman who moves her eyes while talking enjoys the company of men.


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