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Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, as the name implies, it mainly destroys resistance power of the body. Its virus (H I V) intermingle in blood & derive its diet from it.
In our blood the resistance cells are known as Lymphocytes. These Lymphocytes contain 50% to 60% T-Helper cells (T. H.),  T H cells on outer surface contain T-4 or CD-4 atom. The Aid Virus (HIV) conbines with this atom & tries to infiltrate in T-H cells & multiplies there. This infiltration of Aid Virus, ruptures the T-H cells.
With the destruction of TH cells, the formation of Lymphocane, Harmones & interlucaine-2 Hormones decreases which leads to deficiency in the resistance capacity of Lymphocytes.
One thing more the HIV virus do that it makes such type of protein molecules which suppress TH-cells and produce antibody in such a large scale that antibody itself eats Lymphocytes & TH cells & in this way total resistance of body diminishes.
Bio Chemical Reactions Involved : -
1.   Sperm or ovum + Nitrogeneous Bacteria    or
      Ammonifying Bacteria coming from (Sweat , urea , or excreata )  ------>  H I V
H I V + CD-4   -------> H I V  . . . . . CD-4 . . . . . . H I V . . . . . . CD-4
It is a chain reaction.
H I V . . . . . . CD-4 attacks TH cells & rupture it.
Destruction of TH cells diminish the formation of Lymphocanse harmones & interlucaine harmones-2. It leads to total destruction of resistance power of Lymphocytes.
HIV . . . . . . CD-4 . . . . . . HIV . . . . . . CD-4 is like a protein molecule which joins with dead TH cells & kills Lymphocytes.
Reaction (1)   Venus in VI th house + Malefic VII th Lord --->  H I V
Reaction (2)   H I V + Moon + Mars      Jupitor
Lymphosite Chain reaction
1.   Rule :- Lagan (Asc.) must be weak (less than 3 or more than 27) and Asc. Lord must not aspect it.
2.   Rule :- Asc. lord must be malefic or in 12th, 6th or 8th house.
3.   Rule :- Venus is in VI house or in association with Rahu and Mars or both. The combination of 7th lord with venus in 6th house.
4.    Rule :- 7th house is afflicted by Saturn or Rahu & 7th lord in 6th house.
5.   Rule :- Malefic Jupitor in 7th house or 6th house.
6.   Rule :- Conjunction of Malefic Mars with Venus in 6th or 7th house or with their lords.
If above mentioned rules are applicable to any horoscope then natives became more prone for AIDS.
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