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Miracles of Light and Colour This article describes about the colours, their relations with planets and gems and their Healing power.
Religion - Today and Tomorrow With the advance of science, everything has been changed even the people's religious view. This article describes the difference between the old and modern view about religion of the people.
The Concept of Adhikamasa  In this article, the concept of Adhikamasa or Inter Calary month which is based on the scientific Hindu calendar, formulated by the ancient Indians ,is described.
Nails - The Mirror of Personality In this article, a systematic method has been projected to peep through the nails of a person and read about him with veracity.
Shapes of the Plots - Favourable or Not This article elaborates that the different shapes of plots and their alignment with road are favourable or not.
Sujok Acupuncture This article defines the use of seven colors of spectrum on correspondence points through the Sujok Acupuncture - the Method of Acupressure/Acupuncture.
Vastu and Domestic Happiness This article illustrates the effects of Vastushastra on Family's Happiness. It also tells the solutions of domestic problems through Vastu.
Astrology - Islamic Views This article tells us about the Islamic views on Astrology. What are their opinions and what is described in Holy Quran about it.
Humility - The Crest Jewel of Life This article is based on the Ancient Gurukula System in India which was well - planned and organised. This article tells us about One of the most important traits which pupil acquires during his tutelage - sense of humility.
Palmistry & Marriage Compatibility This article tells about the effects of Palmistry on the married life of a person.
Vastu and Hospital Complexes This article describes that how the great science of Vastu helps in alleviating people's sufferings by adapting the principles of Vastu to the construction of a hospital complex.
Marriage - An Astrological Study This article tells us about the effects of plenets on the married life. Here few degrees are also described which tell us about the nature of husband and wife.
Planetary Combinations for Administrative & Judicial Officers This article describes the planetary combinations on for Administrative & Judicial Officers. This article presents the effects of planets like Saturn, Mars, Venus and Jupiter on the IPS, IAS and Judicial Officers.
The Science of Gemstone Therapy   This article highlights the advantages of ancient and natural science of Gemstone Therapy.
Relevance of DNA & Astrology Analysis of the structure of DNA & its relation to astrology. This unique discovery done by the famous astrologer Dr. K. S. Jain.
Sanjeevani Healing This article is based on Sanjeevani Vidya which is conglomeration of sound , light and feeling. Sound, light and feeling are the three parameters of Sanjeevani healing or vidya.
Aids & Astrology In this article, the astrological view of Aids is described.
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