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MARRIAGE is an institution with varied association. In Hinduism and in the Catholic religion at least, marriage is taken to be an indissoluble and sacred institution. To these faiths, marriages are literally made in heaven. In some countries marriage is a contract and it is therefore capable of being dissolved. Even where the law of divorce is found on the statute book, some countries like the United Kingdom do not allow a divorce as far as the royal family is concerned. When we turn to astrology, we only know that marriages are largely governed by planetary dispositions. We do not think that astrology would sanction divorce or oppose it, since astrology is neither a legislature nor a judge. Astrology only enables us to make a marriage happy or otherwise.
Since the zodiac begins with Aries (Mesha). the natural seventh is Libra (Tula). The main indicators of marriage are Libra and its lord, as far as men are concerned. The seventh from Libra being Aries, the chief indicators of marriage for a woman are Aries and Mars. In a woman's chart, the Moon too must be taken into consideration since the menstrual period is regulated by Moon and Mars; and in a man's nativity Sun too must be examined carefully.
In a man's chart, we have to consider Libra and the 7th from the ascendant, Sun and Venus; and in a woman's we must note Aries and the seventh from the ascendant, Moon and Mars. The eighth houses from these govern the sex life; and therefore Scorpio for the men and Taurus for women have to be added to the list. Then the extra marital life is determined by the twelfth house from the ascendant; and in a man's chart, Pisces too need scrutiny while in a woman's Virgo too deserves a study. This might terrify one since all the houses and planets appear to get into the picture. But what is needed is to findout the strongest among the ascendant, Sun and Venus in a man's chart, and among the ascendant Moon and Mars in a woman's. The major scrutiny should be from this point only. The others are needed as corroborating or strengthening aids only.
An afflliction to a planet or house arises from a conjunction with or an aspect by a planet who is a malefic by nature or by ownership or by both. If a conjunction with or an aspect by a benefic also operates, then we get mixed character of the house or planet.
A strong, well-placed and unafflicted Venus gives a harmonious and balanced marital life of man. A similar Mars governs the balanced sex life of a woman. These are the two basic planets. Venus is to be examined with the Sun, and Mars with the Moon. The position of Venus in a male chart is to be compared with that of Mars in the wife's chart; and a similar comparison between the Sun in the Husband's chart and the Moon in the wife's is necessary. Whether they aspect one another, they are in square or trine to one another, or they are inimical to one another must be carefully noted. The next step is to see whether the Navamsa chart of the wife agrees with the Rasi chart of the husband, and whether the Rasi chart of the wife agrees with the Navamsa chart of the husband. These preliminary observations will be taken up for a scrutiny and a later stage. Now we have to consider the possible effects resulting from certain positions of the planets. In the following , he means and includes she also.
The Sun in the seventh indicates a successful marriage; and in the eighth a successful interest in the affairs where the strongest feelings are involved and in matters of sex. The moon in the seventh makes one change his attitude frequently towards those intimately related to him; and he hopes the marriage partner to be motherly. The eighth house position stimulates these interests. Mercury in the seventh can either advance or related reciprocity of feelings and emotions; and in the eighth he affects the emotions roused by others. Venus in the seventh is a very good indication of happy marriage and of the ability to live with others in peace and happiness. If this Venus is afflicted, there may be disappointment in this direction. In the eighth Venus secures a balanced sex life if it is not afflicted. Mars in the seventh makes one forceful in intimate relationships. If afflicted, it might bring about irritation and quarrels. In the eighth it makes sex life very important for the native. The seventh house Jupiter is very good for marriage life. In the eight it brings prosperity through marriage. Saturn in the seventh brings about frustration and disappointment in marriage, if it is afflicted. In the eighth, it makes one serious in matters concerning sex.
Of the various signs involved in a consideration of the problem of marriage, there are a few sensitive degrees which may be noted. All these refer to the Nirayana of Sidereal Zodiac only.
Aries : 1, The sexual need is an inescapable necessity. It might be almost fatal.  2, one is fierce, restless and selfish, whimsical , and tyrannical, without any sign of chivalry.   4, one is sensuous and generous.  6, one may be ruined by the partner.  9,  it is likely that one may have untimely love.  11, It makes one lack the ability to live in harmony with the person he or she loves.  13,  one is passionate to access or is completely detached and isolated.  14, it speaks of deep-rooted lust.  17, it refers to many a love affair and an artless and coarse behavior.  19, it suggests an ideal partner.  22, one is indifferent to love.  23, marriage can be lucky.  26, one has a very good feminine nature. Gentle and sweet, she will be least self-assertive.
Taurus : 3, one loves peace and spreads around himself comfort and harmony.  6, the woman would order her husband and bully him. There may be bigotry and vulgarity.  8, one gives himself or herself up wholly to friendship and this might lead to strife in family and unhappy married life. This is likely to ruin one's self respect. 10, it gives rise to chaos and disorder in the household.  11 ,14, It offers a happy marriage. 15, one is fond of family and home, and yet faces domestic strife. 18, one is fond of his family, but is really despotic and unscrupulous.  25, there is a likelihood of being divided from the partner.   29, it indicates happy marriage and perfect sociability. 30, it is likely that estrangement from the partner and children follows.
Libra : 3, it gives a generous heart.  8, one allows himself or herself to be ruled unconditionally by the person he or she loves. In some cases we may find lust and delinquency.  15, his behavior is determined by his sexual urge. Intrigues and adventures dominate his love affairs and she will quarrel over very paltry things. Sometimes lust may make him a criminal.  18, one is unable to live without love; and there is faithfulness along with jealousy. 19, there is strong sex urge which may develop into lust.  22, it offers neither joy nor pleasure in life. 24,  on his private life he is selfish and lustful, shameless and sensuous. 26, there is an unbridled lustfulness, and he becomes a prey to wine, women  and gambling. 29, he is deeply attached to home.
Scorpio : 10, one is dominated by sex urge, love of family and home. 12, it indicates loneliness, sorrow and widowhood. 14, it offers a steady domestic happiness. 19, one becomes a deeply attached lover lavishing his affections. Sometimes excess of lust may bring home to trouble.
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