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SUJOK ACUPUNCTURE : Use of Colours on Correspondence Points
Colour relates to 'Vibration' and in the recent years physicists have established that all matters including our organs is really an energy which works by and under influence of vibrations.

Our ancestors in the healing arts, especially our yogis, the chinese or fareastern healers, recognised the powerful effects of using colour for healing. They codified their practices, assisting us, many centuries later, in approaching similar practices with clarity.

A cell in the human body is like a battery cell - full of energy fields and vibrates in a microscopic energy sense. Electrical activity is the property of all living systems. There is a universal code of bio-currents  by which living organisms regulate, grow and recuperate. From the moment of conception, which is resonance between two vibrations of male and female seeds-electric current begins to flow in the tiny embryo, guiding the incredibly intricate process that culminates in birth. These flows of biocurrents produce electrical electromagnetic fields, which ultimately vibrates around the nerves, tissues, muscles or organs concerned. Disturbance in these fields or vibrations portend disease and illness. This is the basis of SUJOK Acupressure/Acupuncture diagnosis and treatment. But now we know that colours have their own vibrations, or energy fields, it follows quite logically that colours can influence our bodies and its functioning, by using colours on proper correspondence points.

Seven colours of the spectrum consist of the colours - VIBGYOR - Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. These seven cosmis rays and their mixtures are responsible for creation, maintanence, and destruction of the universe. They impart life, health, young, old age and death and thus regulate all beginnings and ends.
Red represents Fire. It has been lower wave length and it is at the heat end of the spectrun. Red is a great energizer, father of vitality and strength. Red is the dominant colour of the base - Muladhara chakra" and is the colour which earths us to this planet.


Red splits the ferric salt crystals into iron and salt. The red corpuscles in the blood absorb the iron and the salt is eliminated by the kindneys and the skin. This makes Red a good colour and can be used to treat anaemia or iron deficiency. Red being a great energizer and stimulant is related to masculine energy. Through its effect on haemoglobin, it increases energy, raises body temperature, and improves circulation. It is, therefore, possibly a good colour to use for paralysis. Red stimulates and excites the nerves and the blood. Red activates the circulation of the blood, excites the cerebrospinal fluid and sympathetic nervous system.
Red is contra indicated in case of emotionally disturbed people, excitable temperaments, fever, inflammatory conditions, insanity etc.
Red colour when used in conjunction with its complementary colour Turquoise is beneficial for controlling inflammatory and infections. Red increases the blood circulation, enabling the system to cope more adequately with the infection, whilst the Turquoise helps to reduce any inflammation.
In Sujok Acupuncture, application of red and Turquoise are suggested on the correspondence areas related to any part of the body where there is inflammation.
These two colours as an example can be used on lungs correspondence in case of pneumonia; or large intenstine correspondence areas in case of constipation; on uterus correspondence in case of infertility, etc.
Orange is the symbol of energy. Orange colour is akin to the feminine energy, the energy of creation. It is more gentle than the dynamic, vitalizer, masculine energy of Red but it is also complementary to it. That is why these two colours should be used in balance and harmony. Orange is the colour of joy and dance. Orange ray can be used to treat kidney and gall bladder stones. Frequently it has been observed that these stones are caused by our own bitterness or resentment against other people or life in general. Orange has been proved beneficial in cases of chronic bronchitis, and with regular treatment can clear any build up of phlegm and the cough which accompanies it. Orange also has antispasmodic effect and should, therefore, be used for muscle spasm and cramps. Orange acts on spleen and pancreas to help ascimillation and circulation. Orange is thyroid builder and stimulant. Orange aids the calcium metabolism of the body, corrects bone softness and cures rickets.
Blue is the complementary colour of orange. These two colours as an example can be used on head colds; on thyroid correspondence for head colds; on thyroid correspondence for stones; small intestine for general digestive track treatment; ovaries for benign cysts; uterus  correspondence for prolapsed uterus; prostate correspondence for general treatment of prostate; rectum and anus for prolapsed rectum; on lungs correspondence for bronchitis, etc.
Yellow is the symbol of the mind and intellect. Yellow rays carry positive magnetic currents which are inspiring and stimulating.
Yellow has a stimulating, cleaning and eleminating action on the liver, intestine and the skin. Yellow purifies the blood stream. It activates the lympathic system. Yellow is a mild tissue and the skin. It is a motor stimulant and nerve builder, nad can generate energy of this colour, it can manifest as partial or complete paralysis. It is. therefore, the colour which is used to treat these conditions.

Yellow works with skin by improving its texture, cleansing and healing scars and other disorders such as eczema. It is used for all rheumatic and arthritic conditions being helpful to break down the calcium deposits which have formed in the joints.
Violet is the complementary colour of Yellow.

Being a colour of detachment, if used in excess, a person can become detached from people and environment.

Yellow, along with its complementary colour Violet, as an example can be used on correspondence points of spine for treatment of paralysis; parathyroid correspondence for osteopsorosis; shoulder correspondence in case of frozen shoulder; liver corresponence for jaundice; stomach correspondence for indigestion; pancreas correspondence for diabetes; sacro illiac joints correspondence for arthritis; anus correspondence for arthritis; anus correspondence for piles, etc.
Green is the natural colour. It is the colour of balance, harmony and sympathy. Green is the colour of nitrogen which is the largest component of the atmosphere. It builds muscles, bones and other tissue cells. Green has antiseptic properties enabling it to be used for infections. It can detoxify the body and bring balance to negative and positive energies. It also balances the body, mind and spirit. Balancing of these three aspects create wholeness to the person. Green acts upon the sympathic nervous system. It relieves tension in the blood vessels and lowers blood pressure. Green dialates the capillaries and produces a sensation of warmth.

Dr. Kelly in U.S.A. had shown by an experiment that Green light destroys embryonic cell structure. He suggests that a malignent or cancer cell is very similar to embryonic cell's pattern to create a physical body for a soul to incarnate into. The cancer cell has no such pattern and, therefore, creates unwanted tumours in the body. Green is also piuitary stimulant and equilibrator. In the light of this knowledge, Green with its complementary colour magenta can be used on correspondence points of effected organs and body parts to treat malignant tumours.

For example, Green with its complimentary colour Magenta be used on correspondence points area of pituitary or tumour area points viz. lungs, stomach, liver, colon, ovaries, uterus or breasts, etc. For cancer - malignant tumours treatment; kidneys correspondence for nephroma; spine for back disorders, etc.
"TURQUOISE PRODUCES A FAVOURABLE CHANGE IN THE PROCESS OF NUTRITION AND REPAIR IN RECENT DISORDERS. IT IS ALSO A SKIN TONIC AND REBUILDS BURNED SKIN." Turquoise is not normally associated with the seven major chakras. It is the last colour which appears out of the blue half of the spectrum. Turquoise is possibly associated with Thymus Chakra, so it should work with immune system and should be used to boost the immune system of the body. Possibly this could be a good colour for people suffering from AIDS. It should help to prolong their life by strengthening the immune system which the H.I.V. virus destroys.
Turquoise produces a favourable change in the process of nutrition and repair in the recent disorders. It is also a skin tonic and rebuilds burned skin.

Turquoise along with its complementary colour RED can be used when inflammation is present. This has been discussed under Red.

For example, Turquoise and its complementary colour RED can be used on the correspondence points of sinuses for sinus inflammation, throat correspondence for throat inflammation and problems; ear correspondence for ear infection; kidneys correspondence for nephritis; bladder correspondence for cystitis, etc.
Blue symbolizes inspiration, devotion, peace and tranquillity. This makes it an excellent colour in healing purposes. Unlike Red, Blue is a colour which slows down and expands. That is why Blue is used to treat tension, fear, palpitation, and insomnia. Blue will reduce inflammation being a dominant colour associated with throat chakra. It is frequently used for problems occuring in this area, e.g.laryngitis, sore throat, tonsilitis, goiter, etc. "UNLIKE RED, BLUE IS USED TO TREAT TENSOIN, FEAR, PALPITATION AND INSOMNIA. BLUE SHOULD BE USED ALONG WITH ITS COMPLEMENTARY COLOUR ORANGE TO BRING ABOUT A STATE OF JOY AND PEACE."
Blue should be used along with its complementary colout ORANGE to bring about a state of joy and peace.

This team can be used on correspondence points for many complaints. For example, for injury and pain on spine correspondence for epilepsy on head correspondence; for stiff neck on neck correspondence; for eye strain and glaucoma on eye correspondence points; for goiter and hyperthyroidism on throat correspondence points; asthma and pleurisy on lungs correspondence area; for tachycardia on heart correspondence; for frozen shoulder on shoulder correspondence; for hepatitis and jaundice on liver correspondence; for ulcers on stomach correspondence; for constipation on illiocecal valve correspondence; for diarrhoea on colon correspondence; for sciatica on sciatic nerve correspondence; during pregnancy on ovaries and uterus correspondence; for mastitis on breast correspondence, for enlarged prostate on prostate correspondence; etc.
Violet is a beneficial colour for psychological disorders such as schizophrenia and manic depression. It also help sciatica. It is motor nerve depressor. Violet is good for bone growth. It helps scalp disorders. It promotes production of leucocytes, white (Violet) blood cells. Violet decreases muscular activity, including the heart and is cardiac depressor. Violet stimulates and builds the spleen.

YELLOW is the complementary colour.

For example, following Sujok correspondence areas/points may be treated with voilet and yellow. Head for scalp disorders like baldness; eye correspondence for cataracts, sciatica correspondence for sciatica; spine correspondence for spiral meningitis, etc.
Three higher chakras are situated above the crown chakra. Yogis say that these three chakras can be experienced through deep meditation.
"ON THE EMOTIONAL LEVEL, MAGENTA SIGNIFIES LETTING GO OF FEELINGS WHICH ARE NO LONGER RELEVANT." The first of these radiates pale Magenta rays, the second radiates white rays of good consciousness, and the third radiates that sacred darkness out of which all things become manifest.
This colour, on physical and mental level, enables us to let go og ideas and thoughts patterns which are no longer right for us. If we hold on to ideas and conditioning which originated in our childhood or adolescene, we become fixed and rigid and this prevents us from growing and evolving.

On the emotional level, Magenta signifies letting go of feelings which  are no longer relevant, In order to grow and learn from our present situation, we have to let go emotionally of the past. This is the first step to the art of living. It may not be easy, but we have to practice and perfect.

Magenta is emotionally equillibrator and auric builder. This colour builds and equilibrates and balances functional activities of the heart, blood circulatory system, kidneys and adrenals and reproductive system.

The complementary colour of Magenta is Green, the colour used for malignancy. At times, Magenta has to be chanelled through for cases of cancer. In this case, follow this colour with complementary colour Green.
How to treat with colours?
You may prepare an instrument with coloured glasses or slides concentrated with sharp ray of light coming out of the apperture directly on the correspondence area or point.

If you are using proper torch with light coming out of quartz crystal, you have to project light for 1 to 11/2 minutes. In other cases, you can project light on the point for 10 mins. each.

In case you do not have light apparatus, you may apply coloured links on the correspondence points, and allow the link colour to remain for four hours.
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