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The shapes of the plot counts much in "Vastu", hence concepts regarding shapes are also being depicted below.

If the plot is a perfect square, it is very favourable for the purchaser in every respect.

Square Plots

Rectangular plots in any direction, i.e. along North-South length or along East-West length provides peace, prosperity and health, if they are properly brought in structure.

Rectangular Plot Rectangular Plots

A plot with unequal sides, forming a quadrilateral is non favourable specially with the respect to the health to the owner.

Quadrilateral Plots Quadirlateral Plots

A triangular plot throws the residence in debt and extreme tensions. It should be avoided or to be converted to any other favourable shape.

Triangular Plot

An oval plot is not suitable for house contruction.

Ovel Plot

Hexagonal plot with asymmetric sides is not good but favours when the sides are equal in length.

Hexagonal Plot Octagonal Plot

A plot with the shape of a tomb is non favourable. It carries undue events.

Tomb Shape Plot

Barrel shaped plot should not be considered for residential purpose. However, it can be considered favourable for a factory.

Barrel Shaped Plot

Dumble shaped plots check the progress of the people living there.

Bumble Shaped Plots

Spoon shaped plot brings chronic diseases to the members living there.

A zig zag plot or area brings undue deaths of the family members or creates very high tensions.

Zig Zag Plot

Circular or ring shaped plot can be developed into a factory but is not suitable for residential purpose.

circular or ring shaped plot

A dagger shaped plot does not allow the generations to proceed.

Dangger shapped plot

A pentagonal plot also does no favour, specially with respect to the health of the residents.

Pentagonal Plot

If a plot is North - East extended and has 4 side, it is favourable.

North-East Extended Plot

A North - West extended plot with 4 sides is negative in many respects. It should be avoided or the extended side should be left off.

North-West Extended

A South - East extended plot is non favourable, specially it brings debt and undue tensions.

South - East Extended Plots

A South - West extension is negative in many respects, specially it keeps the residents in tensions and unhealthy. Loss of money matter also results by this type of extension.

South - West Extended Plots
Similarly, subsiquent reductions of the plot at various angles are considered accordingly.

It is to be noted firmly that if there is a symmetrical plot, it is favourable. Similarly, to avoid any kind of future troubles, plots with sides mutually perpendicular to each other should be selected.

A single road along the East or North side of the side is good.

Road with plot

A single road towards South or West is medium. It favours in good astral positions of the owner.

Roads with plots

If there are two roads, one along the East and another along North, it is additionally favourable.

Road along with Plots

If a site has roads along its three sides, regardless of the directions, it is non favourable.

Road along with plot
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