Chinese Astrology, Pillars of Destiny

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Four Pillars of Destiny

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The traditional methlds

The Traditional Method

According to the traditional Chinese belief, the moment a person is born determines the way of life he or she will take. The so called four pillars represent a person's time of birth, namely the year, month, day and hour of birth. Four Pillars of Destiny interpret character or fortune of an individual by the mutual action of the Five Elements of these pillars.

A year pillar represents the family background in childhood. A month pillar represents the social life and human relationships in adulthood. A day pillar represents the married life. And an hour pillar represents the living environment in later life. For example, Honor> represents a mother-in-law, loneliness, separation, change of occupation, curiosity and others. When this Honor> is in a year pillar, we then analyze that there is no close relation with a real mother, or there is much change in childhood. Moreover, the Hidden Stem of a month pillar symbolizes a season, and it also represents the soil at the time of birth. This Chinese astrology regards this Hidden Stem as the essence of character or destiny. And the up-down fortune cycles of every year, month, or day are analyzed by the relation between each Heavenly Stem and this Hidden Stem of a month pillar.

My Method

Only the month pillar is adopted in my method. This pillar represents the human relations or social environment in adulthood, and is the most important pillar also in the traditional Four Pillars of Destiny. And in my method, the Heavenly Stem and Hidden Stem of this month pillar are expressed with the words Heaven and Earth. Additionally, the names of character are expressed with simple words. Heaven represents a relation with people and occupies about 30% of character. Earth represents the essence of fortune and occupies about 70% of character. And the character of Heaven affects that of Earth. For example, in the case of Expression> and Property>, Expression> produces Property> and gives power, so it may acquire property with its talent or sociality. On the contrary, in the case of Self> and Property>, Self> defeats Property> and takes power, so it may lose property by self-assertion or egoism. Moreover, in the case of Property< and Property>, these have the opposite character such as economy and waste, so it may become unstable in financial aspects. The relationship between Heaven and Earth either help each other or are offensive to each other. All this is in consciousness and it makes human character or fortune various. This interaction of Heaven and Earth is one of the main themes of my contents.


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