Chinese Astrology, Pillars of Destiny

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Four Pillars of Destiny

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Basic principles of the four pillars of destiny

Ying And Yang

The basic principles of the Four Pillars of Destiny are Ying Yang and the Five Elements. Ying and Yang are the Chinese words meaning shade and light, thus symbolizing the two opposite concepts, such as stillness and motion, female and male, minus and plus, earth and heaven, winter and summer, and so on. The origin of this thought is in the last stage of the Ying dynasty.

According to the Book of Changes, a Chinese classic, there was first the source of the universe called the Great Ultimate. Then it was gradually divided into Ying and Yang, and all living things were born by the interaction of these two forces. The view of rise and fall in the Warring States period is fundamentally the same as this Ying Yang principle. However, this thought is different from the so-called dualism. That is, Ying contains Yang, and Yang contains Ying. And these two are completely opposite but complementary cosmic forces.

The Five Elements

The Five Elements are Wood, Fire, Soil, Metal, and Water, and these are the words originating in the planets of the solar system, namely, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Venus, and Mercury. The origin of this theory is also in the last stage of the Yin dynasty. At the beginning, the Five Elements were the thought that all things were governed by the attribute of Wood, Fire, Soil, Metal, or Water. And then the view of rise and fall was introduced into the Five Elements in the Warring States period, and the vicissitudes of dynasties were explained using these metaphysical agents. One of them is the relation which each element helps a partner and gives power. Wood produces Fire by rubbing each other. After Fire is burned out, it turns into ashes and changes to Soil. Soil produces Metal over long years in the ground. Metal melts with heat and turns into fluid, or gets cold and produces Water drop on the surface. And Water sends nourishment to Wood and helps the growth. Another is the relation which each element defeats a partner and takes power. Wood takes nourishment from Soil for the growth. Soil can dam up the flow of Water by piling up. Water can extinguish Fire blazing up. Fire can melt a hard Metal with the heat and flame. And Metal fells Wood by using it as an edged tool. These interactions of five base elements are indispensable for living things in order to maintain the balance. And these are also applicable to the character or fortune of a person. Four Pillars of Destiny is the Chinese fortune telling which reads the interaction of these Five Elements based on the birthday.
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