Astrological Analysis of US/IRAQ War From 21st to 31st March



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Astrological Analysis of BUSH Horoscope
Exclusive report
about the outcome
of the war
Astrological Analysis of SADDAM Horoscope

Expected Events
1st to 7th April

  IRAQ - AMERICA WAR (From 1st to 7th April 2003)

The IRAQ-AMERICA war will enter in a new era in the beginning of this month. America has thrown more than one lakh soldiers in war because of not getting the expected success in the war continuing since last fortnight. America has made itself a character of criticize in all over the world by bombardment on not only the military area but also the residential area and markets of Baghdad, Basra, Najaf etc. President of Iraq Mr. Saddam Hussein is still safe and away from the approach of America. The combined force in the leadership of America is just 100 kms far from Baghdad, and their progress is about prevented.

       Upcoming week may be more fiery in the war. On 1st and 2nd April, Iraq may keep continue the protest of American attack successfully. Its suicide and Fidayeen squads will get success to injure American and British combined force at some places and America will keep the bombardment on Baghdad and other cities continue. The time will change from 3rd April and the attempts made to remove the obstructions in the way of progress of America may get success. American Force may have to face protest at many places in the way of Baghdad and other cities of Iraq.
       These days, America will increase the number of attacks and airy attacks. America will not perform any deficiency even in destroying the residential area of Iraq declaring it terrorists place. America will be criticized in whole world because of his attacks and disinterested destruction of lives. On 4th April, the Jupiter will become MARGI and attempts of world peace and end of war will be strong and fast, But America will not let these attempts success because of his obstinate nature. Period from 5th to 7th April will be very important for both the sides. America will try his best to get success in his plans of degrade Saddam Hussein and destroying Iraq by his Air Force, Army and Navy as well as Iraq will use his full capacity and power to save own respect and independence.

       So it is giving the indications of big loss of lives and money of both countries. Some incidences of bomb-blasts and GORILLA TACTICS on some places because of which, the civilians may have to bear loss of money and lives. On 7th April 2003 at night, Saturn will enter into Gemini sign and make KENDRA YOGA with Mars and DWIRDWADASH YOGA with Jupiter, which will show an important effect on the political world. The KENDRA YOGA of Mars and Saturn will interrupt the success of attempts of world peace and destructing the intelligence of both the sides of war, will increase their tendency of violence. May God give intelligence to both the sides of war and establish peace in the world.

Astrological Analysis of BUSH Horoscope Astrological Analysis of SADDAM Horoscope

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