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Iraq War

Saddam Husein

Is Saddam Husein alive? The astrological report.

Astrological Reports:
The special, Exclusive  Report prepared by the Astrologers of Aryabhatt. About the possible outcomes of the war.

War Preparation

Expected Events From 7th April to 10th April - 2003. More...

These Different, Reports are prepared by the Astrologers of Aryabhatt. About the possible outcomes of the war and what will happen with Husein in future.


Expected Events From 1st April to 7th April - 2003. More...

The war between IRAQ and USA was started on Thursday 29th March 2003 at 5:34(I.R.T.), When USA attacked on IRAQ by firing 40 Cruise-Missile. Although there was already tensed-environment between USA and IRAQ from the previous Gulf-War (1991). But most of the countries are againest this war.
Man with his children Expected Events From 21st March to 31st March. 2003 More...

Horoscope of G.W. bush:
Mr. George W Bush is born under Cancer ascendant. Lord of ascendant the Moon is creating the GAJ-KESARI YOGA with Jupiter in third house, which is giving him authority, enough profit of money, prosperity and self-confidence.

Horoscope of S. Husein:
In the horoscope of President of Iraq,
Mr. Saddam Hussein, the Cancer ascendant is rising at 21. Its Lord Moon is situated in his debilitated sign Scorpio in the fifth house with Mars and Rahu.

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