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Astrological Analysis of BUSH Horoscope
Exclusive report
about the outcome
of the war
Astrological Analysis of SADDAM Horoscope

Bush Horoscope

Ascendent Chart

       Mr. Bush is born under Cancer ascendant. Lord of ascendant the Moon is creating the GAJ-KESARI YOGA with Jupiter in third house, which is giving him authority, enough profit of money, prosperity and self-confidence. The ascendant (Cancer) is posited between the malefic planets (PAP-KARTARI) in his horoscope, which makes him a strict, daring and obstinate person. Its effect fears a person of eye related disease or weak eye sight. Presence of Mars in the second house from birth ascendant makes him eloquent in speech and aggressive and he does not miss any chance to show it on time to time.

       Lord of second house (house of money) the Sun is situated in the twelfth house in Gemini sign, which makes him spendthrift. Sometimes He may have to bear some loss in his business during the Dasa - Antar Dasa of Sun. Lord of third and twelfth house Mercury is situated in the Cancer sign in birth ascendant, which is his enemy sign. Likewise position of Lord of third and twelfth house in birth ascendant is not considered favourable for health. Lord of fourth and eleventh house Venus being situated in the birth ascendant, is giving him attractive personality and shows his contribution in the happiness and prosperity of family.

       Ketu is situated in Scorpio sign in the fifth house and aspected by Lord of fifth house Mars and Rahu. It makes his personality strong diplomatic and war-lover. Scorpio sign shows intention of revenge and secrecy. So it seems that President Bush had already completed all the preparations with complete privacy to attack on Iraq and even after accepting few conditions by Iraq applied by America, Bush declared the war. Ketu of Scorpio sign in fifth house shows that like the former Presidents of America (Ronald, Clinton etc.), internal tendency of Bush also is towards Astrology, which he does not want to show on others. Lord of sixth and ninth house Jupiter is situated in the Virgo sign in third house and aspecting the ninth house (own sign), it is making the luck strong. Aspect of the Sun on sixth house (enemy) is able to defeat his enemies.

       Effect of Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus and Rahu on seventh house is very important for him (president). Besides married life, partnership etc., The seventh house is related to the matters like relationship with other nations etc. for the leaders of nation. Here because of the aspect of Lord of seventh house Saturn on seventh house, his matrimonial life and business are normal, but five planets are giving him tendency of working with full cleverness and diplomacy regarding the relationship with foreign countries. That's why, where he is giving moral support, weapons and enough money to the country of terrorism and terrorists Pakistan one side, another side he is obstinate on the matter of war with Iraq and destroy him on the point of extending terrorism. It shows that where he sees the welfare of country, he works and according to that, he supports or suppresses any country, either that is correct or not. Lord of eighth house Saturn being posited in ascendant, may create some trouble for health in its Dasa - Antar Dasa, along with being posited in the enemy sign (Cancer) in sixth house from own house, it may create some sudden loss in business. House of luck (ninth house) is aspected by Jupiter, Moon, Mars and Ketu which is helpful in the progress of luck. Lord of tenth house Mars is VARGOTTAMA in his friendly sign.

       It is posited in the fifth house from tenth house and placed in SHUBH-KARTARI, it is making the tenth house strong. The significator planet of tenth house, The Sun being posited in exalted sign Aries in NAVAMSA has been able to give him authority. Position of Sun in twelfth house is a negative point, because of that he was declared winner in a disputed manner at the time of vote counting. Presence of Rahu in the eleventh house and presence of Lord of eleventh house Venus in the ascendant house is auspicious and ensure him about the fulfillment of his desires. The KAL-SARPA yoga also exists in his horoscope, which is the significator of preliminary interruption in the way of his progress and any trouble in the way of fulfillment of desires or work. But the GAJ-KESARI YOGA of Jupiter and Moon on the house of vigour (third house) has been proved very auspicious. He got success in achieving the high post by his strong intelligence, self confidence and grace of god.

       Presently Mr. Bush is passing through the Antar Dasa (sub period) of Rahu in the Maha Dasa (Major Period) of Saturn, which will end on 3rd November 2003. Saturn is the Lord of seventh and eighth house in his horoscope and situated in the birth ascendant, while Rahu is placed in the Taurus sign in eleventh house. He will take more interest in the matters of foreign countries during this period because of the effect of Saturn and Rahu. By the effect of Rahu posited in eleventh house, he will gain name and fame solving there problems. With the effect of Rahu and Saturn, he will disturb the other countries by his diplomatic attempts and sometimes he may use his strictness and start war for the fulfillment of own desires. According to his horoscope, Saturn is inauspicious and Rahu is destructive, so any conspiracy may also formed against his life and safety. So he should be very careful for his safety. According to the GOCHARA, after August 2003, the time will be adverse for him. India also should be careful of his diplomatic attempts and should not do any agreement on the subject of mediatorship in the matter of Kashmir. "There is no permanent friends or enemies in the international matters, only the national welfare is permanent". In the list of persons accepting this famous phrase, name of President of America George Bush is also at the top.

Astrological Analysis of BUSH Horoscope Astrological Analysis of SADDAM Horoscope

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Astrological Analysis
of BUSH Horoscope

Astrological Analysis
of SADDAM Horoscope

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