Exclusive Report about the
Outcome of the US V/S IRAQ War



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Astrological Analysis of BUSH Horoscope
Exclusive report
about the outcome
of the war
Astrological Analysis of SADDAM Horoscope

The special, exclusive  report prepared by the Astrologers of Aryabhatt. About the possible outcomes of the war 

       The long-awaited war between IRAQ and USA started at 5:34 (I.R.T.) on Thursday morning, when U.S.A. attacked on IRAQ by firing 40 Cruise-Missiles. Although there was already tensed-environment between USA and IRAQ from the previous Gulf-War (1991). USA proved himself unable to degrade the president of IRAQ Mr. Saddam Hussein after a number of diplomatic attempts. On last 8th January 2003, retrograde Saturn, entering into the Taurus sign, made a KENDRIYA YOGA with Mars posited in Scorpio sign, as the result of this, the environment of the world became bluff and tension increased between them. In this situation, Jupiter was aspecting the Mars, so war could not be possible and possibilities(chances) of peace come in sight because of good efforts of friend countries. U.S.A. also became active and a weapon inspection team was sent to IRAQ by U.N.O.

       On 23rd February, Mars made the SHAD-ASHTAK YOGA with Saturn entering into the Sagittarius sign. Sagittarius is a bad-tempered sign because of being the sign of fire element and its represents the fire weapons. So this SHAD-ASHTAKA YOGA made the environment hot again between IRAQ and AMERICA and possibilities of war became strong even after the favourable report of weapon inspectors.

       At the time of start of war, all the planets except Mars are situated in the constellations of cruel planets. The Aquarius sign is rising at 21 in war time chart. Affliction of Saturn by Rahu in the fourth house from ascendant shows that this war is a not a compulsory step or an intension of destroying the terrorism, moreover it was a diplomatic movement/trick of President Bush and he wants to fulfill his personal interest and the proud of self and American public through it. Aspect of Saturn on Aquarius sign also shows that the diplomacy and conspiracy are the main reasons after this war. Conjunction of Lord of fifth house Sun and Lord of seventh house Mercury at second house shows that the other countries will try to finish this war as soon as possible, but aspect of Mars and Ketu won't let them to be success in their efforts. Although it will be aspected by Jupiter also but retrogression of Jupiter of exalted sign and position in sixth house won't let its aspect to be very effective.

       The fourth house is related with public, their happiness and prosperity and construction works. Here presence of Saturn and Rahu may be proved harmful. General people (public) may have to face loss and troubles in this war even after the assurances given by AMERICA. Roads, bridges, dams etc. construction works will not be safe in the war. As the opposition of American attack on IRAQ, there may be some loss of lives in the incidences of protest and bomb blasts.

       Fifth house and Lord of fifth house, both are afflicted from the bad aspect of Mars. As the effect of this, all the sides of war will be afflicted from intension of proud, temper, violence and war. Jupiter in sixth house is also afflicted from the aspect of Mars. Along with, it has lost his auspiciousness being the lord of second and eleventh house and posited in sixth house, moreover shows the loss of money and loss of income in this war. Seventh house is the significator of other nations and countries. Here the lord of seventh house Sun is posited in the Pisces sign in eighth house, which is aspected by Mars and Ketu. Due to its effects, the countries engaged to this war will like neither to accept nor to hear the advise of other countries as America has discarded the advise of France, Russia, Germany etc.

       Aspect of its Lord Mercury on eighth house may stretch long this war but luckily, the combusted Mercury is making this conjunction weak. Aspect of Rahu shows the contribution of any diplomatic efforts in the ending of this war. Position of Lord of fourth and ninth house in twelfth house is not favourable. It indicates the disarrangement and damage of happiness and prosperity of public. Ketu in tenth house is aspected by Saturn, Rahu and Jupiter. This position shows that AMERICA may have to show how much diplomacy and strength to degrade SADDAM HUSSEIN from government. Presence of Lord of tenth house Mars in eleventh house shows temporary change of government only. Aspect of retrograde Jupiter from sixth house is showing the fear of attack of hidden enemies on IRAQ government. Venus in twelfth house is not auspicious. Aspect of Lord of twelfth house Saturn on fourth house is also not favourable.

       Presently, according to the Dasa system of this chart, Antar Dasa (sub period) of Saturn and Pratyantar Dasa (sub sub period) of Ketu in the Maha Dasa (Major Period) of Mars is going on. Mars and Saturn are making SHAD-ASHTAK YOGA and Ketu being posited in the constellation of Saturn ANURADHA in BHAVA SANDHI, is harmful. So at present, nothing comes in sight from this war except loss of money and life and downfall. The Pratyantar Dasa (sub sub period) of Venus will start after 5th April. Although Venus is situated in the sign of Saturn and constellation of Mars in twelfth house, but being a benefic planet, it may be helpful for the ending of this war or abandonment.

       If position of Venus in twelfth house and bad aspect of Rahu on that give success in their efforts, that will be permanent. By the efforts and mediator ship of other nations, there are possibilities of ending of this war in June-July 2003 and a permanent peace and compromise. The Sun is situated in the Pisces sign, which Lord Jupiter is aspecting him with full sight. In NAVAMSA also, the Sun being posited in own sign is strong and able to give auspicious results, so it may propitiate the conflagration of far and escape the world from the danger of this war.

Astrological Analysis of BUSH Horoscope Astrological Analysis of SADDAM Horoscope

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Astrological Analysis
of BUSH Horoscope

Astrological Analysis
of SADDAM Horoscope

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