Astrological Analysis of US/IRAQ War From 21st to 31st March



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Astrological Analysis of BUSH Horoscope
Exclusive report
about the outcome
of the war
Astrological Analysis of SADDAM Horoscope

Expected Events
7th to 10th April

IRAQ - AMERICA WAR (From 7th to 10th April 2003)

The IRAQ-AMERICA war is now in its final stage. President of Iraq Mr. Saddam Hussein named the gulf war of 1991 as "Mother of Wars". In this war, Before reaching at the final stage, Saddam Hussein, using his diplomatic intelligence, accepted the proposal of U.N.O. and finished the war and started taking back his force from Kuwait. But now in this war (2003), America is intended not to repeat his fault again. So, ignoring U.N.O., America sent his force to Iraq and started war.

According to the planetary transit, period from 7th April to 10th April 2003 may be ruinous for peace of world. Saturn entering into Gemini sign on 7th April 2003 is creating DWIRDWADASH YOGA with Rahu and peace lover planet Jupiter, SHAD-ASHTAKA YOGA with Ketu and SAM-SAPTAKA YOGA with warloving planet Mars. Mars is aspecting the Sun (significator of authority) and Jupiter by its full aspect and posited in the Sagittarius, the sign of fire element (war lover).

According to the above planetary position, this war is about to reach in its final stage, which may be very ruinous. Iraq may use his complete range of weapons and sources to save Baghdad and other area of his authority to be won by enemies. There are also chances of serious threats of the use of chemical and bio-logical weapons. FIDAYEEN and American, both of them may increase the number of attacks. As one side, the tendency of violence in each side for another may cause big loss of lives and money, at the another side, chances of neglecting the Geneva Agreement, regarding POW and won places/cities may come in sight. In the last few days, America has harmed Iraq very much by bombardment on the civil buses, taxis and residential areas of Iraq and in the upcoming days, it may be increased. In the following three days, Saturn is creating VISH-YOGA with Moon in Gemini sign, which is lying in eighth house from the birth sign of Saddam Hussein, This is not giving any good indication for his health and safety.

There are also possibilities of National Security Guards to join the camps of America, making treachery with Hussein. His own safety may be in danger. According to the Moon chart of Saddam Hussein, position of lord of third (house of vigour, power, brother) and fourth house (house of family, happiness and property) Saturn in eighth house being aspected by Mars is the significator of loss and separation from all above things. According to the Taurus, the effective sign of Iraq, SADESATI of Saturn, situation of Mars in eighth house, Transit of Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu at adverse places, these all are inauspicious. Because of the position of main planets in these inauspicious places, the unwell condition of IRAQ is well known to the world, but Saturn reaching at the effective sign of America (Gemini) may generate some inauspicious results there also. Some incidence of bomb-blasts, terrorist activities and spread of Anthrax or pneumonia may also occur. Sun getting strong in the tenth house and Jupiter (auspicious) being favourable in the second house will make the American administration able to handle and control these situations, but the things favourable for America in the upcoming months do not come in sight. Peace loving nations will not get success in their efforts to establish peace. The role of U.N.O. also seems trivial.

Astrological Analysis of BUSH Horoscope Astrological Analysis of SADDAM Horoscope

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