Astrological Analysis of US/IRAQ War From 21st to 31st March



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Astrological Analysis of BUSH Horoscope
Exclusive report
about the outcome
of the war
Astrological Analysis of SADDAM Horoscope

Expected Events
21st to 31st March

       This war was started by United States America on Thursday, 29th March 2003 at 5:34 A.M. by bombardment on Baghdad. The Aquarius was existing that time and Saturn afflicted by Rahu was aspecting the ascendant. Aquarius ascendant is assumed of stable nature and slowly moving Saturn aspecting that from a stable sign (Taurus), is creating more delay in the fulfillment of work. President of America Bush had thought that his force (army) will be able to ruin Iraq within 5 or 6 days. They will arrest or kill the President of Iraq Mr. Saddam Hussein and army of Iraq will surrender after it. For the accomplishment of his aims, he harmed Iraq greatly by bombardment on the different cities of Iraq and made an unsuccessful attempt to break the strong confidence of the army and public of Iraq by false publicity on T.V. and Radio. In the start of war, America said to having full control on the cities of Iraq Basra and Najaf, but on the very next day, the whole world knew the reality that these cities are still in the control of Iraq and British and American Army have to go back.

       Saturn is assumed a planet of windy nature, and Aquarius is also a airy sign, which is aspected by Saturn, so American Army have to face natural agitation as disaster, cyclone etc. in the way of fulfillment of his aims. This attack was made from the American side and in the chart of that time, so ascendant and seventh house signify America and Iraq respectively. According to the present time chart, the Antar Dasa (sub period) of Saturn and Pratyantar Dasa (sub sub period) of Ketu in the Maha Dasa (Major Period) of Mars is going on. Mars is creating SHAD-ASHTAK YOGA with Saturn and DWIRDWADASH YOGA with Ketu while in NIRAYAN BHAVA chart, Saturn and Ketu are creating SHAD-ASHTAK YOGA.

       This situation is very inauspicious. Saturn posited in fourth house is creating RASHI PARIVARTANA YOGA with Venus posited in twelfth house (expenditure, loss), which is also the significator of big loss of lives and money. Moon will transit in the Capricorn sign till the next 2 days and in Aquarius sign after it. Because of the transit of Lord of sixth house Moon in twelfth house, the next two days may be proved successful for American army. Since last two days, the lord of sixth house Moon being in the eleventh house was interrupting the lead of army of friendly countries by different reasons. But now, its taking position in twelfth house may give success to the American army at different places in the next two days, while Iraq will have to bear big loss of money and lives. From 29th to 31st March 2003, Transit of Lord of sixth house Moon from ascendant house is indicating the reply of Iraq and attempts of Iraq to prevent the lead of military of friendly countries. Transit of lord of sixth house Moon from birth ascendant and its aspect of seventh house is indicating the possibilities of a big loss to both the sides.

       The endeavours/attempts of stopping this war may be strong because of the full aspect of exalted Jupiter on Lord of sixth house Moon, but the success of these attempts will be doubtful because of Jupiter being not very much effective and aspected by Saturn, Mars and Ketu. Because of own auspicious Dasa and GOCHARA planets, attempts of arresting or murdering Mr. Hussein during this period (from 27th March to 31st March 2003) are very difficult. Mr. Hussein will keep his diplomatic attempts continue and will be very popular in Iraq.

Astrological Analysis of BUSH Horoscope Astrological Analysis of SADDAM Horoscope

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