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Basics of Lal Kitab    

Shri Yograj Prabhkar
Basics of Lal Kitab
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  1. In order to save oneself from the poison of houses 6 and 10 one should take the things of the planet inimical to the planet in 5th house and bury them under ground or if the native has his ancestral house the same should be kept in that house till the duration of the bad results of 8th house.

  2. If Jupiter is in 10th house, Venus in 11th, Ketu in 8th and Saturn in 5th house. The dogs should be fed with flour loaves of bread. The flour should be of the weight of the son and feeding continue from 25 to 48 days.

  3. If 2nd house is occupied by benefic planets and the 12th house also contains similar planets it would be beneficial to awaken the 6th house. In other words the native should serve his maternal uncles and help them or serve his own daughters and help them.

  4. The planet who transits house No. 6 in the annual progressed chart will cause health afflion. The relevant commodities of that planet should be given in alms and charities.

  5. Mercury, Saturn and Ketu will give the results of 7th house. If they are undesirable they can be remedied. Commodities of the planets or the relative signigfied by them should be served.

  6. When the planet in 11th house of the birth chart transits 11th house or 8th house the articles pertaining to the planet should not be purchased (new) and brought in the house and kept safely.

  7. House No. 9 can be awakened throught eh 2nd house provided house 3 and 5 are empty.

  8. If house No. 10 is unoccupied the planets in the 4th house cannot give good results. Service of parents will be helpful. Ten blind persons should be fed. Money in cash to the blind persons for food would be of no avail.

  9. If the planets in 8th house are inimical to planets in house 11 the native will not be benefitted by anything relating to planets in the 11th house. They will be helpful if the articles pertaining to the planet friendly to the planet in house 11 or pertaining to the planet who can change the directtion of the planet in the 11th, are also purchased simultaneously. If you are purchasing a house when Saturn is in 11th house you should also bring a dog to the house. If some machines are purchased the toys for the children should also be purchased.

  10. The planets in the 11th house will generally give good results when they transit house No. 1. When they transit the 8th house they will give bad results. In such a case the articles of the planet in 11th house or those of his friends would be helpful. Provided none of the planets Rahu, Ketu and Saturn are transiting the lagna at that time. If any of these planets is in the lagna the articles pertaining to the planets in 9th house at that time would be helpful. In case the 9th house is unoccupied Jupiter's articles will be helpful.

  11. Sun in the 11th house will give good results so long as the native remains religious, pious and vegetarian. If he indulges in drinking and non vegetarianism the results may be awful. He may be childless.

  12. If Jupiter and Ketu are good in the chart, Moon in 11th house will give very good results at least till the mother of the native is alive.

  13. If Jupiter is giving bad results according to the birth chart, at the time of marriage of the girl(when celebrated according to Hindu tradition) two pieces of pure gold (of any weight but the two should be of equal weight) should be given in charity as the girl is given to the bridegroom. One of those pieces should be thrown in running water of a river and the other kept by the bride which she should not sell away but should keep with her. So Long as it is with the bride there would be no bad effects of Jupiter.

    If Sun is giving bad results the pieces should be of red copper. In case of such a Moon pearl (white) should be substituted for gold. If real pearl is not available, a weight of the native should be kept in the house at the time of marriage. For Venus we substitute pearls of the curd hue. For Mars it may be red (not bright red) stone, for Mercury take diamond, for Saturn iron and steel, for Rahu the remedies of Moon given above and for Ketu take stone of two colours.