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Basics of Lal Kitab    

Shri Yograj Prabhkar
Basics of Lal Kitab
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Lal Kitab deals with nine oldest planets, namely Sun, moon, Mars, jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. Though the last two are nodes yet they are also treated as planets.

There are many type of classifcations of these planets some of them are same as we have in regular astrology. The planets are classified as males and females. Sun, Mars and Jupiter are the male planets. Moon and Venus are female planets. Saturn and mercury are the eunuchs. Rahu and Ketu are just the associates of Saturn. They have not been assigned any sex.

The rashis ruled by these planets are also the same. Sun rules over Leo, Moon over cancer, Mars over aries and Scorpio, Mercury over Gemini and Virgo, Jupiter over Sagittarius and Pisces, Venus over Taurus and Libra, and Saturn over Capricorn and Aquarius.

As regards houses of exaltations and debilitations of these planets they are also the same as in regular astrology. Sun gets exalted in Aries, moon in Taurus, Jupiter in Cancer, Mercury and Rahu in Virgo, Saturn in Libra, Ketu in Sagittarius, Mars in Capricorn and Venus and Ketu in Pisces. Rahu gets exalted in Gemini also. The houses of debilitation of each planet are houses 180 degrees apart from their houses of  exalation. In birth chart rasis are identical with houses.

There is similarity between astrology and Lal Kitab upto this place. One peculiarity of Lal Kitab is that the rasis are not taken into account. The number of  Rasis which are taken to be identical with house numbers, are only important.

Pakka Ghar of planets

Pakka Ghar is nothing but  the concept of natural significator of houses. Sun's Pakka ghar is lagna. The other planets Pakka Ghars are as under:

Sun Lagna
Moon 4th house
Mars 3rd & 8th house
Mercury 7th house
Jupiter 2nd, 5th, 9th and 11th house
Venus 7th house
Saturn 8th and 10th house
Rahu 12th house
ketu 6th house
Friends and Foes of Planets
Each planet has  his friends as well as his enemies just as we human beings do. The list for illustration is given below
Planet Friends Enemies
Sun Jupiter, Mars, Moon Venus, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu
Moon Sun, Mercury Ketu, Rahu
Mars Sun, Moon, Jupiter Mercury, Ketu
Mercury Sun, Venus, Rahu Moon
Jupiter Sun, Moon, Mars Venus, Mercury
Venus Saturn, Mercuty, Ketu Sun, Moon, Rahu
Saturn Mercury, Venus, Rahu Sun, Moon, Mars
Rahu Mercury, Ketu, Saturn Sun, Venus, Mars
Ketu Venus, Rahu Moon, Mars
Apart from friendship or enemity of planets there is also a concept of equivalent planets. The planets so grouped are supposed to be equal in strength. The list of planets is as given under.
Planets individually equal to Planets
Mercury Sun
Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars Moon
Venus, Saturn, and Rahu Mars
Saturn, Ketu, Mars and Jupiter Mercury
Rahu, Ketu and Saturn Jupiter
Mars and Jupiter Venus
Ketu and Jupiter Saturn
Jupiter and Moon Rahu
Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and Sun Ketu
When Mercury and Sun or Rahu and Mars are posited in one sign together Mercury or Rahu would always be quiet
Moon and Sun when posited in any sign with Rahu and Ketu respectively will be less powerful.
Artifical Planets : Lal Kitab has the concept that a group of two planets are equivalent to planet noted against each. The list is given bleow.
Mercury & Venus together Sun
Sun and Jupiter  together represent Moon
Sun and Mercury together Positivr Mars
Sun and Saturn together Negative Mars
Jupiter and Rahu together Mercury
Sun and Venus together Jupiter
Rahu and Ketu together Venus
Jupiter and Venus together Saturn(like ketu)
Mars and Mercury together Saturn(like Ketu)
Mars and Saturn together reprsent Rahu Exalted
Sun and Saturn together represent Rahu Debilitated
Venus and Saturn together Ketu Exalted
Moon and Saturn Ketu Debilitated
Sin and Sinful Planets
Often there is reference of  Paap(Sin) and Paapi(Sinful) planets in Lal Kitab. From Paap or sin is meant Rahu and Ketu from Paapi grahas the reference is to three planets namely Rahu, Ketu and Saturn.
Kayam Graha or Established Planet
The planet which can give his results freely and without hindrance is called an established planet. In other words no enemy planet should occupy his houses of lordship, exaltation, debility and of  his signification. He should also not be a saathi planet or comrade and he should have no aspect of any planet.
Dharmi Grahas or Righteous Planets
Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are known as Paapi Planets but they also some times become the Dharmi or righteous planets. Rahu and Ketu becomes righteous in the 4th house or anywhere in the chart with Moon. Similarly saturn becomes righteous when posited in 11th house or anywhere in the chart with jupiter.

By becoming righteous they do not give good results or become benefics. They shall not simply afflict  the house or the planet. They become neutral. They on there part will not promote or cause any bad effects.
Muqabla ke Graha or Matching Planets
Each planet has his own friends who behave in a friendly way. Some times one of such planets may occupy the house of  lordship or the Pakka Ghar of his friendly planet and that planet does not occupy any such house of the former. In such a case the two planets, although friends may not remain the true friends. The behaviour of the former will be suspected. He may at times spoil the results of  his friendly planets. The planet shall be known as matching planets. Sun and Mars are friends. If  Mars occupies the lagna and Sun does not occupy such house of mars, Mars behaviour under such circumstances may or may not be friendly to Sun. Mars would be called a matching planet to Sun. Both can harm each other.

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