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Basics of Lal Kitab    

Shri Yograj Prabhkar
Basics of Lal Kitab
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  1. If houses 8 and 12 are occupied by friendly planets and house 2 is unoccupied or if houses 8 and 12 are occupied by friendly planets, house No. 6 contains some benefic planet and 2nd house remains unoccupied the native will do well to go to places of worship and touching any part of his body to the deity in paying his regards. This may mean touching the feet of the deity with hands etc.

  2. In case of eye troubles or to remove bad effects of Saturn throw coconuts in the running water.

  3. Saturn in the 6th house will be giving good as well as bad results but it shall surely spoil the good results of Jupiter. Things pertaining to Saturn like the coconuts and almonds etc., should be thrown in the running water.

  4. If Jupiter is in the lagna for generally good results the native should undertake the business or trade indicated by Moon. For help of children undertake the vocations of Ketu. For good luck of wife the things relating to Venus will be helpful. For his own prosperity or victory in quarrels, Sun would be helpful.

  5. When Jupiter is in lagna and Saturn in the 11th house service of cow is recommended.

  6. When Jupiter is in lagna and the 7th house is unoccupied vacations pertaining to Venus should be under taken. Under this combination if the native gets a male child, or constructs a new house or if any of the blood relations of the native gets married, bad results are likely to happen. In such cases the commodities pertaining to Mars should be buried underground.

  7. When Jupiter is in 2nd house and Mercury in 10th house giving bad results, remedies pertaining to Saturn should be used.

  8. When Jupiter is in 2nd house and Venus & Mercury in 10th house remedies of Moon are necessary. Mercury and Saturn in 10th house remedies of Moon are necessary. Mercury and Saturn in 10th house giving bad results need the remedies of Jupiter.

  9. When Jupiter is in 3rd house Durga Paath is always suggested.

  10. When Jupiter is in 4th house sleeping or inert that is there is no planet in 10th house the native to have good effects of Jupiter should not allow his bare body seen by any body that is, he should be fully dressed before other persons. He will keep on having financial stability.
  11. When Jupiter is in 6th house and Ketu is badly placed the native should do the remedies of Ketu.

  12. In unlucky periods when Jupiter occupies the 8th house the native should give in alms the commodities of Venus or Jupiter to the places of worship.

  13. When Jupiter in 10th house and Mars in 4th house the native should help or serve the relatives indicated by Mars. He should help or at least behave respectfully with his brother. Most help ful Mantra would be Shree Ganeshaya Namah.

  14. When Jupiter is in 11th house and Sun, Moon or Mars are in 5th house and give bad results the native should follow some trade or business alongwith his brother or a cousin if he has no coborn.

  15. When Sun afflicts other planets the friendly planets to Sun that is Moon, Mars and Jupiter should be propitiated.

  16. When Sun ocupies 6th or 7th house, Mercury should be propitiated. Some times extinguishing the fire of the chulha (where we cook our food) by pouring milk is extremely helpful.

  17. When Sun is afflicted by some other planet that planet should be propitiated.