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Balancing Exercises

Benefits :
  Reduces fatigue and eyestrain, strengthens optic nerves and muscles.


These slow and deliberate eye movements are done either sitting or lying flat without moving the head. Glasses should be removed during the exercises. Imagine that you are "dragging" your muscles in the different movement to feel the pull. Repeat each exercise three times and hold about three seconds. Close your eyes, rest a second, then proceed with the next movement.

Eyes up

Eyes up .

Eye down

Eyes down .

Eyes left

Eyes left .

Eyes right

Eyes right .

Eyes upper left

Eyes upper left .

Eyes lower right

Eyes lower right .

Eyes upper right

Eyes upper right .

Eyes lower letft

Eyes lower left .

Different postures of eyes

Eyes in a circle. Rotate slowly three times without stopping :
up, left, down and right.
Reverse rotation.

Changing Focus : This  eye exercise will be helpful during any sustained close work. Change your focus by moving your eyes from a distant point to a closer one. Repeat ten times, slowly shifting the focus and forth.