Astrology : K.P.

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About the Book
When there are many books on Astrology available in this world. Where is the necessity for this book ?

In India, there are many Sidhantas and none of them agree with each other. Therefore position of planets calculated and obtained one from another. Astrologers have to depend upon almanacas in India.

Hence the horoscope made through one is different from another. This cause confusion to native, since he or she does not know which one of them is correct. Each person has a dozens different horoscopes for the same birth details given by him.

A few even do not know the need of the place of the birth, that is to take the latitude and longitude of the place of the birth.

In india, most of the authors are followinf the old traditional system. Their work suggest that they do not want to improve it, but to simply and blindly follow as is advised in the traditional system. There was no method prediction, if the point rising in the east moves degree by degree. Such minute divisions can be made but they have not dealt with elaborately giving the principle, which can be used by the astrologer.

No doubt there are Amsas, but the author has not handed down his theory, the rules and dicta so that the readers can offer prediction after going through the book. Minute Amsa divisions are useful to do postmortem and satisfy one self and not for scientific prediction by one and all.

When Krishnamurti System has been discovered, it is found that, absolutely necessary to cast a horoscope vorrect to degree and minute. If any one were to erect a horoscope , using the available panchanghe will have different positions and such horoscope will mislead and predictions will also fail.

But if one following the system of K.P. , one must inly take K.P. Ayanamasa. Krishnamurti Padhdhati offers both the nature of event and timing of events correctly. Readers should take only Krishnamurti Padhdhdati Ayanamasa if they want to predict according to this system.

The book, First Reader details the method to cast the horoscope. According to the scientific principles in simple and lucid manner, supported by lots of examples.

Some of the main chapters in book are Listed below :

-  To locate a place on earth
-  Different kinds of Time.
Date from which standard time is adopted by various nations.
-  Difference between G.M.T. and Standard time.
-  Conversion of Standard time to local mean time
Sidereal time at place of birth
-  The Ephimeries
-  Sidereal time for the time of birth
-  Signs and houses, Symbols
-  Table of Houses
-  To find position of planets
-  Ayanamasa, Ayanamasa table from 1840 to 2001
-  Table of Navamsa chart
-  Vimshottari Dasha
-  To make use of K.P. Ephimeries
-  What is a year
-  Fortuna
-  Various tables for Casting horoscope
-  Aspects and Significance
-  War time or civil time

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