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About Horary Astrology

This branch of astrology is mysterious, perfect, wonderful and most useful. After thoroughly understanding the principles, one can offer correct, clear and precise predictions without any confusion. This helps the astrologer to confirm what predictions he has to give by using other methods which, when explained, will convince and satisfy consultant.

Generally, the astrologer ask the querist to give a number, at random, within 108. the number that is given forms the basis for the prediction. Some may scoff at this branch of science saying that the prediction given by Horary Astrology cannot be correct as the number given, is after all a chance. They suggest that the person could have given any other number or thought of one number and mentioned another. Such person do not realise that the querist cannot give any other number except the one which he had given occasionally. The lucky querist may mention a number, but the astrologer may mishear; calculate on the misheard number. Here the divine force so works, that the number taken by astrologer gives a clear  correct answer whereas the other number offered by querist cannot offer such a clear clue to the astrologer.

They have no personal experience that is the divine forces which works and enables the astrologer to predict. The number that he gives depend upon his past action or karma's s wheel as the future results he is to enjoy just as the moment of his birth is effect of his past karma. None can convince that one's birth at a particular moment , whether normal or caesarian, is a chance. If one were to reiterate, one is ignorant of the wonderful divine law. Has he or she choice of parents or the locality of the birth.

Generally this branch of astrology is restored to, mostly by  those who have horoscopes or who doubt the correctness of them. This branch of science can answer all questions and clear all doubts. But on many occasions there are contradictory indications according to the birth chart when they try to predict using traditional methods. Krishnamurti's discovery is clear, convincing and correct.

On those occasions, they can make the best use of Horary astrology for proper guidance and confirmation. Even when one decides to offer predictions using other branches of  the science. Horary Astrology has to be used as a final safe method to declare with confidence the results already obtained.

This method is as rational and scientific as any other branch of astrology and it is the sublime art of fore-seeing events from the positions of the planets at the moment when one propounds seriously a question about any important matter. By applying it, one can predict the longevity, health, success or failure in in one's enterprise, one's stay in foreign land or his return, the time of marriage, the description of partner, re-union of divorce, birth and death of children, sex of the child, results of the examination, recovery of lost articles, gain by lottery, races or speculations, success in litigation and lot many more things.

This branch of  science is not a bluff. It is not to dupe the gullible strong. But at the same time, it is not easy for the students of astrology to make predictions infallibly unless they are thorough with the principles of astrology available now.

Not Numerology :   Some mistake that the astrologer uses Numerology and predicts. They are ignorant. The number indicates the ascendant for that query and he calculated the position of planets for that moment of judgement and then judges the result.

Why Horary Astrology is Preferred ?
To find out the events I one's life or to know in advance the result of one's attempt or action, there are two methods. They are natal Astrology and horary Astrology.

1. To erect a horoscope with 12 cusps and insert the planets at correct position, the time of birth should be accurate.

In India, the standard time was introduced on 1-1-1906 and any birth before this date was noted down according to the timing followed by postal authorities or railway authorities in that locality. Before standard timing was introduced even when our watches shows correct time, yet the information given to standard parties after the birth of the child by the attendants differ from the other. Because the medical attendants are anxious to do their job than to note the time, the nurse mentioned another, whereas the doctor differed from both of them. When such is the case which time can we take even though the clock shows Indian Standard time.

Hence the time of birth is not correct in most cases.

2. Whenever twins are born with difference of few minutes and we erect horoscope according to traditional   system, the picture remains same for both except in the dasa balance. There also the difference is only by a few weeks. The positions of the planet not get changed, in Bhava nor they move at all by few minutes. So the horoscopes of both the twins appear for predictive astrology more or less remain same according to traditional Hindu Astrology. But K.P. shows the differences. There are many instances when the results enjoyed by both of them are drastically different.

3. In Horary Astrology one takes the movement of the judgement , makes a chart and offer the result. The horoscope will be very correct and results would also will be amazingly accurate.

4. One can understand the principles of Horary Astrology within a period of few months and he can apply the principles and in a year start carrying out the research on Horary Astrology and find out the truth within a couple of years. One can master this subject easily and offer useful predictions. Horary Astrology is genuine and simple. It is most useful, as one can have the results for one's problem in a few minutes.

There are many other important aspects of Horary Astrology. It depends on the expertise and experience of an Individual astrologer.

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