Astrology : K.P.

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About the Book

Everybody  wants peace, pleasure and smooth life; but rarely anybody gets. Majority of people complain that there is something or other regarding their health, since the body is made up of various systems, organs, glands etc.

Similarly to enjoy peace of mind, so many factors have to contribute. Out of them, marriage is an important factor. Having a healthy, wise, adjustable and supportive wife is rather very rare.

Though in Indian saying "Marriages are made in Heaven", and it is impossible to dodge the fate, yet one can satisfy oneself by making efforts to reduce the worries and anxities, to avoid disappointments and dispute, by knowing his or her weakness and trying to adjust.

The method by which one can understand how to conduct oneself is explained in this book. This book is an excellent combination of the technical material related to various aspects of marriage, married life and children.

The text is explained in scientific, and lucid manner. The book is very valuable. It opens the eye the readers. It makes you think, consider and decide. Scientific treatment will satisfy you all. There will be no confusion, no contradiction; but this is simple, scientific, convincing and correct.

The book starts with very basic fundamentals of marriage astrology. It gives answers to various questions about marriage matters. The finest part is the accuracy with which predictions can be made. The principles and techniques are explained giving lots of examples. Some of the important aspects covered  in the book are as follows :

-   Marriage and planets
-   Happy married life
-   Two wives
-   Direction and locality of partner
-   Profession of partner
-   To find physcial feature of the partner
-   Will I marry, Period of marriage, Time of marriage
-   Seperation from the partner
-   Can I marry one Whom I love ? Will my love affairs materalise ?
-   Is second marriage promised ?
-   Child Birth
-   When will I have a child
-   How to lead a successful life ?

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