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Excerpts from book :

Astrology is a noble science. It is as old as the ages of  the Vedas. It depends on the position of the planets ascertained astronomically. It explains the celestial phenomena and the corresponding terrestrial events. The true meaning of astrology is the "Message of stars". By using the salient principles of astrology depending on the position of the planets ascertained astronomically one can forecast events for the benefit of all and as such, it is a useful science for interpreting nature.

The whole world is run according to a well-defined plan. Nothing happen by chance. Astrology does not permit one to classify anything as an accident, as it explains the cause and effect of events. The divine plan is well arranged. It is timed with amazing precision.

Some say that astrology is an art. Some others reject it as an idle dream or an illusion. Still others may speak of astrology as it were an altogether contemtible superstition. Some of those who have no disappointment or other diffculties in the life take pride in saying that they have no faith in astrology and ridicule both the astrologer and the science. Probably they may fear that they may lose their self-importance if they were to recognize astrology. A few other say, under wrong impression or with prejudiced ideas, that astrology is not a science. These people would not have mastered tht data on which which correct predictions are based. The science explains clearly that  such opponents of astrology will have in their horoscopes evil aspect between Mars and Uranus or between Mars or mercury. These planets, when affloicted, do not give quick grasp of this science, good memory and reproductive ability, and produce people who are either ignorant, arrogant, envious or are always inclined to find faults, with what they are not able to understand.

Pretending to know everything, they display their ignorance. The antagonists oftern quote the opinions of such learned men, who do not want to admit that it is a useful science. Learning is mechanical acquirement of facts and gaining knowledge in any subject. But wisdom is not so. Astrology can only be predicted only by a person endowed with divine grace and none can himself learned without knowing astrology.

About the Book

The Book is wonderful explanation of principles of Astrology. The books starts with History of Astrology, with guide lines for Astrologer. The use and limitations of Astrology. The role and importnace of Karma, Destiny fate, Shanti to ward of evil etc.

It goes in to the details of branches of Astrology. Taking detailed review of

(i)     Medical Astrology
(ii)    Astro-meteorology
(iii)   Mundane Astrology
(iv)   Natal Astrology
(v)    Horary Astrology
(vi)    Electional Astrology
(vii)   Kabala Astrology
(viii)  Kerala Astrology
(ix)   Omens

- Then it is followed by Twelve Signs of Zodiac and the significance of all the twelve signs.

- The twelve houses and their Significance

- Significance of ech planet from Astronomy, Mythology, Physical features, Mental qualities, Part of the body, disease, products, Mental qualities, places, profession, political, economic, lucky colour, lucky-day, Lucky number etc.

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