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Excerpts from the Book

Now let me deal with a Sub-branch of natal astrology; in the hindu system it is called "Gochara-Palan", which westerns call "Transit"  , I would like here to state with great humility, for the information of public and also of  the scholars in Astrology that my method of prediction is in a way improvement in the application of the general principles of astrology handed down to us by our ancient sages and scholars.

According to western system, the astrologer take the radical position of the sun at the time of birth, consider the relative positions of the planets transiting the zodiac and give out their results. Whereas in India, according to our Hindu system, the position of the Moon at the time of birth of native(Nirayana system) is taken as the startinf and determining point to which the transiting positions of the planets are related and according to the relative position, we read the results and say whether the time is auspicious or not. Both the methods are incomplete and the percentage of failures is therefor large. This is no doubt not desirable.

The Western System :  Let us take for example, two persons who were born in different years but at the same date say 10-8-1958 and 10-8-1968 respectively. Suppose the person birn on 10-8-1958 asks an astrologer whether he will come out successful in the election and if the astrologer were to predict that, at the time of election, the relative positions of the planets transiting the zodiac being very favourable compared to the positions of the Sun at the time of birth of the native, success in the election is promised, then the same opinion must be offered to the other who is born on 10-8-1968.  Suppose both of them stand for election for the same seat in same locality, how it is possible for both to win. So we should consider how far this method of prediction will be of avail to querist.

Now, yo will note that all these people, were born on the same date but in different years and the position of the sun is in the same sign and in the same degree. On the bais of the principles followed by westerners i.e. according to relative position of the transiting planets to that of only sun in the birth chart diametrically opposite results cannot be foretold.

The Hindu System : You will find the same similarity in the Hindu method also. We are not able to explain why quite opposite results are enjoyed or experienced by one and the same rasi-births, i.e. people born when the Moon was transiting a particular constellation. For example, when the moon was transiting Bharani star i.e. Mesha Rashi, two people were born on different dates, even in different years. Now one born in Bharani star compete with other Bharani native; one comes out victorious while the other gets defeated. We also understand that

(a) An Ashwini Nakshatra native is admitted in a hospital at the same time when another Aswini Nakshathra person gets discharged after treatment.
(b) A Pushya Nakshathra Inspector of police arrests another Pushya Nakshathra criminal. The inspector is happyy, because he was able to trace the culprit and to discharge his duty while the other is within bars.
(c) An Anuradha Nakshathra car driver runs over another Anuradha Nakshathra pedestrian.
(d) Sravana Nakshathra person has a legal dispute  with another Sravana Nakshathra native. The judge born in Sravana Nakshathra passes a judgement by which one gains and the other looses.
(e) Poorvashada star native owns a house. Another Poorvashada star native is a tenant. The owner occupies on the bay the tenant vacates.

So, to predict the Gochara or transit results taking only the star positions into consideraton, is incomplete.

That is why the Rasiphalas published in the dailies, weeklies, and monthlies vary even in the essentials so widely and so irratically that they give scope to the public for ridiculing this erratically that they give scope to the public for ridiculing  this noble science. Therefore, there should be fool-proof and accurate method by which correct prediction can be offered. For doing this, a complete chart is necessary and the relative position of all the planets transiting is to be judged with the positions of all the planets in the chart and especially the position of Lagna etc.

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