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Vedas repositories of knowledge, are the heritage of India. Astrology, i.e. Jyotisha is a part of Vedas. It has been continuously refined and updated by our saints and sages. It is a science of the influence of the planets and stars on human life.
The heavenly bodies(Planets & Stars)determined on the basis of astronomy and mathematics, are mapped in the form of horoscope. The complete detailed horoscope consists of dozens of pages, which require thousands of calculations. The manual process is error prone and very time consuming. This is where computers score by means of its very fast speed and accuracy.
ARYABHATT is a unique ASTROLOGY software of its kind, it is one of the most comprehensive software that is very simple and yet most powerful. It provides complete, detailed calculation facility that spreads over  60-100 pages. The deep study has been done in planning the required calculations and designing the outputs. Care has been taken in omitting the extra calculations, which is not of much use from Astrological point of view. And great care has been taken in including all the important aspects of Astrology from NORTH & SOUTH India.
The Indian version of the software is divided in to three parts:-



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