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Chapter -17

In this chapter, qualities related to the God and helpful in his realisation which are good conduct and good behaviour, have been the subject matter. The practioners of these qualities are respectively said to have the divine and the demoniac tendencies. Since these are the subject matter of the chapter, if the chapter is entitled as " The yoga of Differentiation between the Divine and the Demniac Endowments".

Shri bhagvan S

fearlessness, purity of mind, acquisition of true knowledge through meditation, charity, control of self and sacrifice, study of scriptures, penance and honesty.

Non-violence, truth, lack of anger, renunciation, tranquillity, no fault finding, compassion to the living, indifferences to pleasures, gentleness, modesty and absence of frivolity.

Strength, forgiveness, perseverance, purity, no enemity with others, pridelessness – O Arjuna, these are the qualities of those with divine nature.

O Arjuna, Ostentation, aggressiveness in behaviour, too much pride, anger, as also tendency to speak harshly and ignorance are the qualities of one who is born with the demoniac disposition.

The divine qualities are said to help one get delivarance and the demoniac cause bondage. O Arjuna do not grieve you are a person of divine qualities.

O Arjuna, in this world there are two types of creatures – the divine and the demoniac. Divine has been described already now hear about the demoriac from me in detail.

Those having demoniac traits do not know how to act and how to renounce. The have neither purity of body and mind, nor a good conduct nor they speak truthfully.

The persons having these demoniac tendencies say that the world is unreal, it has no support or basis. It does not have any god. It is brought into existence by union of male and female, Therefore the purpose of the world is to enjoy the pleasures. What else is there?

Thus resorting to the false knowledge whose souls are lost, who are feable minded busy in crueldeeds are the enemies of the world.

They are full of prides, arrogance and hypocrisy, given to unsatiable desires having wrong notions through ignorance, they act with corrupt motives.

The are beset with the cares which will last till death always eager to fulfill their desires, convied that this is all.

They are bound by the many shackles of hopes and desires, they are given to anger and lust, they work hard to amass wealth, by improper means, for satiation of their desires.

(Such persons think that) I have gained so mushc today, this desire I shall fulfile, this is my possession, and this wealth shall remain with me (infuture also).

This enemy is killed by me and I shall kill other enemies too. I am the Lord and the enjoyer of the pleasures, Iam perfect, powerful and happy.

I am rick and of big family, who is there like me? I shall sacrifice, give gifts, I shall be happy,” thus they think, dehided by ignorance.

Their minds become deluded due to ignorance and attachment to the fulfilment of the their desires cause them to fall inti terrible hell.

They become very prideful, stubborn and concieted, arrogances causes by wealth and variety fill them, they perform dacrifices only nominally with ostentation.

Fallem to the sense of pride, power, sense of self, desives and anger, they belittle others, they shun the self situated in their bodies and others.

There sinful persons, full of hatred and cruelty, the worst among men, I throw them down in the evil wombs again and again.

O Arjuna, there deluded beings fallen in the wombs of evildoers, keep getting inti the same fate again and again, they do not attain to me, but sink to the lower depths of existence.

Lust, anger and greed are the three gateways leading to the destruction of the soul. Therefore abandone these three.

The man who is escaped from the chitches of these three gates of hell, O Arjuna, does what is good for his soul and thus he reaches to perfection.

Those who abandone the ways prescribed in the scriptures and who act as per their own desire, neither reaches perfection nor attains to the highest goal nor get happiness.

Therfore, be governed by the authority of the scriputures do what is to be done, don’t do what is not to be done, knowing these rules you shopuld do your duty in this world.

This chapter is entitled as " The Yoga of Differentiation between the Divine and the Demniac Endowments".

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