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Chapter -7
"Gyan-Vigyan yoga"

The knowledge, about the supreme beings unmanifested form, it effects and its nature, is called "Gyan". The manifest form, its importance, it actions, it nature etc. has been called "Vigyan". The knowledge is complete after one knows the both "Gyan" as well as "Vigyan" the place in this chapter, hence its entitled "Gyan-Vigyan yoga"

Bhagwan Sri Krishna Said

Hear o, Partha, that how doing practice of yoga, mind firmly settled in me, with me as your shelter, you should come to know me totally, without any doubt. I will import this knowledge to you totally, after knowing this there shall be nothing more to know.

There is one in thousand among men who tries to reach there, hardly anyone knows me truly. Earth, water, fire, air and space mind and intelligence and senses of self this forms the eightfold division of my nature.

This is my inanimated (lower) nature. Knowledge my other and animated nature (higher) which is the soul which upholds the world, O Arjuna. Know this that all living beings are born out of this. I am the beginning of the world as well as the end.

Arjuna, there is nothing which is above me. This whole is strung like gems in a string, around me.I am the taste in water, O Arjuna, light in the moon and in the sun, I am the sound of Aum in the Vedas, I am the sound in the space and manhood in men.

I am the pure redolence in the earth, and glare in the fire, I am the life in all existence and the discipline in the ascetic. Arjuna, I am the original cause of all the existence, I am the wisdom of the wise and the aura of the haloed.

O best amoung the Bharatas(Arjuna), I'am the bower of the powerful,without desire and passion.In the beings I am the desire which is in cordance with the scriptures. All the mode of life, be it governed by concordance (sattoguna), passionate desires (rajoguna) or indolence (tamaguna) they all spring from me. But Iam not in them nor they in me.

Perplexed by these three modes of nature (gunas) this world fails to perceive me. I am beyond these and eternal.This three fold divine yogamaya created by me is very difficult to understand. But those who take shelter in me, transcend it easily.

Those whose intelligence is bewildered by illusions (maya) having sinful nature and evil doers, are fools and they do not abide in me with devotion.The best of Bharatas (Arjuna), those performing noble deeds, who worship me are of four kinds, the man in some peril, the seeker for wealth, the seeker after the knowledge and the man of wisdom.

Among these the wise who is in regular union with the self, having one-pointed devotion is very noble indeed. I am very dear to him and so is he to me. All these are very superior but the wise, I say is truly cast in my image. Because, being in steady wisdom he abides in me alone as the ultimate goal.

After spending many life-times the man of true knowledge rests in me, knowing that Vasudeva (Lord) is eveything that is there. Indeed rare is such a sage. But the ones whose intelligence is corrupted by desires become devotees of other gods and they perform many rituals, being driven by their natures.

To whomsoever, devotees with faith worship, I steady their faiths in those gods only. Established in his faith, he worship that god and through that god obtains his desired pleasures, decided by me alone.

But the fruits obtained by those persons of small minds are temporary. Worshippers of those gods go to them while my devotees come to rest in me. Unwise, not knowing my supreme nature, which is imperishable and my manifestations, think of me to be an ordinary mortal.

Concealed behind my manifest self (yogamaya) I am not perceptible to all. This confused world does not know me. Who is unborn and changeless. All the beings past, present and those to come in future are known to me, O Arjuna, but no one knows me.

O Arjuna, under the infuence of dualities resulting from desire and aversion, pleasure and pain etc. men are becoming deluded. But the men who have become free from sins, who do pious deeds, who are freed from delusions, worship me firmly .

Who take shelter in me and strive to be delivered from old age and death, know the brahma (Absolute) and the self and the entire ritual. Those who know me as one governing the material, divine and the sacrifice, they with their minds steadied, know me and continue to know me even till their ends.

This is the seventh chapter entitled "Gyan-Vigyan Yoga".

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