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Chapter -18

1. Performing all actions, taking refuge in me, by my grace he obtains the eternal, Imperishable state or abode.
2. Mentally surrendering all your action to me, taking me to be the highest goal, being steadfast in discrimination, fix your mind contantly in me.
3. Fixing your thoughts upon me, by my grace, you shall transcend all the obstacles, but if driven by the sense of self you do not listen to me, you shall perish.
4. Filled with the sense of self if youthink I will not fight. Your this resolve is useless, the nature will compel you to fight.
5.  O son of kunti (Arjuna) bound by your own action born of your own nature, that you do not wish to perform, being deluded, you shall do it, as if compelled.
6.  O Arjuna, causing all being to believe, by his illusive power, as if riding on a machine, the lord dwells in the heart of all beings.
7.  Run to him for shelter with all your being, O Arjuna, by his grace only shall you obtain supreme peace and the eternal abode.
8.  Thus the knowledge which is greater secret than all secrets, has been given to you by me, having considered it fully, now you act as you like.
9.  Listen to once gain to my supreme word most secret of all, because you are very dear to me, therefore I will tell you what is good for you.
10.  Fix your thoughts upon me, be devoted to me, offer sacrifices to me, prostrate yourself before me, you shall then come to me alone, verify do I promise this to you, for you are very dear to me.
11.  Abandoning all dharmas (duties) come to me alone, I will liberate you from all sins, do not grieve.
12.  This knowledge is never to be spoken by you to one who is devoid of penances, or devotion, nor to one who does not serve, nor to one who does not listen, nor to one who denounces me.
13.  He who has supreme devotion in me, will teach this supreme secret to my devotees, shall undoubtedly come to me.
14.  No one is there among men who does a greater service to me, nor shall be there another on earth dearer to me than he.
15.  And he who will study this sacred dialogue between us, shall have worshipped me by the sacrifice of knowledge (gyana-yagya) Iam convinced of this.
16.  That man also, who hears this, faithfully and free of cavil, he too will be liberated and attain to the hapy worlds of those who do righteous deeds.
17.  Have you heard, O Son of Pritha (Arjuna) this with single-pointed mind? Has the delusion caused by youe ignorance been dispelled O, Dhananjaya (Arjuna)?

Arjuna Said
18.  As I have gained my memory (knowledge) through your grace, my delusion is destroyed O Achyuta (Krishna) Iam firm, my doubts are gone, I will do according to your word.
Sanjay Said
19.  Thus have I heard this amazing dialogue between vasudeva and high souled Arjuna, which causes hair to stand on end.
20.  Through the grace of sage vyasa I have heard this supreme and most secret yoga, directly from krishna, the lord of yoga, himself declaring it.
21.  O King, remembering this wonderful and sacred dialogue between Keshava and Arjuna, I rejoice again and again.
22.  Remembering and remembering again, that most wonderful form of Hari, great is my wonder, O King I rejoice and again.
23.  Whereever is Krishna, the Lord of yoga, whereever is Partha, the archen, these are posperity, victory, hapiness and sound policy, this is my conviction.

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