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Chapter -6
"Self Discipline.... Meditation Yoga"

In this chapter, special emphasis is on the yoga of Meditation. Like in all other ways of yoga,self-discipline is absolutely essential for this purpose. Therefore the chapter in entitled "Self Discipline : Meditation Yoga".

Bhagwan Sri Krishna Said

One who does his prescribed work without any desire for its fruits is a sanyasin, he is a yogi.By not lighting the sacred fire and by not performing any work one does not become a yogi.

O Pandava (Arjuna) known that what is called renunciation is verily yoga; on one, who does not renounce his desire, can be a yogi.To work without selfish desires is said to be the way to attain yoga, when yoga is reached tranquility is said to be the way to it.

At the stage when one has renounced the objects of his deisres and also the works, one is said to have attained to yoga. A man can attain his welfare through his own efforts, he should not allow himself to be degraded. The self is one's friend as well as an enemy .

To one who, has controlled his senses and mind, self is a friend but for one who has not attained to his self, his self becomes the enemy. When one has mastered the self and has reached the state of deep tranquility and peace his supreme self arides within, he is not afftected by cold and heat, pleasure and pain and honour and dishonour.

The yogi, satisfied with wisdom and knowledge, who is steady and is in control of his senses, to whom clay, a stone and a price of gold are the same, is said to be one with the self. One who has same mind for his friends, companions and enemies, towards those who are neutral, to those who are full of hatred and to relatives, to saints and sinners, is very superior.

Yogi should concentrate his mind on the supreme being, living in seclusion, alone self controlled, free from desires for wordly possessions. In a clean place, sitting on a firm seat, neither too high nor too low, covered with grass, skin of deer and cloth.

Sitting on such a seat, making his mind one-pointed and controlling his mind and senses, he should practice yoga for cleaning the soul. Keeping the body, head and necks, erect and steady, looking pointedly at the tip of his nose. Without looking in other directions.

Calm and free from fear firmly observing celibacy, controlling his mind, he should sit, absorbed in me and mind focused on me.The yogi, having his mind under control, keeping himself serve, attains to peace and supreme bliss and abides in me.

Yoga is not for him who eats too much or eats too less and it is not for him, O Arjuna, who sleeps too much or keeps awake too much.A man of modest habits in eating and enjoyment, who is controlled in his actions, having proper amount of sleep and wakefulness, comes to achieve yoga which destroys all his sorrows.

When the controlled mind is steeped in the self only, free from all desires, it is said to be mingled with yoga. Like a lamp in a windless place does not flicker, yogi is componed to it who is absorbed in the union with self, having controlled the mind.

When mind is at peace, disciplined through the practice of one mindedness he experience the self and rejoice in the self. Finding the ultimate delight beyond the reach of senses perceived by intelligence only, steadied therein, such yogi cannot go away from the truth.

Reaching that state he thinks that there is nothing greater beyond it, well established in it, he cannot be moved even by the greatest of sorrows. That is the name of yoga which has no connection with the gain and loss of this pain. This yoga should be practised losing heart, determinedly.

Foresaking all desires born of wishfulness, controlling with the intelligence senses on all sides.He gains little by little peace by means of tranquility of reason resulting from the absorption of mind into the self he should not contemplate anything else.

The unsteady and wandering mind for whatsover reason goes into the worldly matters, should be restrained and repeatedly brought back to the self.The yogi whose mind is peaceful, whose passions are subdued, who is pure in mind and has become one with the god, obtains supreme bliss.

Yogi becoming free of sins, constantly being in unison with the self confortably gets in touch with the supreme being and experiences the absolute happiness.One who has reached yoga sees all creatures in his self and his self abiding in all the creatures, everything he sees evenly.

One who sees me in everybeing and sees all beings in me I am never lost to him, nor he is lost to me.The yogi who has become one with me, worships me in all beings, lives in me, however he may be doing.

O Arjuna, he who sees all with self sameness be in pleasure or pain is regarded as a yogi of the highest order.

Arjuna Said

Arjuna said : This yoga preached by you being in the nature about the evenness of mind, O Krishna, does not appear to be of permanent nature, as the mind is very restless.O Krishna, the mind is very unstable, it is impulsive, strong and stubborn like wind it is very difficult to control.

Bhagwan Sri Krishna Said

The blessed Lord said : O Arjuna, undoubtedly the mind is difficult to subdue and is restless but it can be controlled, O Son of Kunti (Arjuna)) by constant practice and renunciation. One who is unable to control his mind, for him yoga is very hard to attain, but by self-willed persons striving properly it can be achieved.

Arjuna Said

One who is unable to control his mind and wanders away from the way of yoga, thus not finding perfection in yoga, though having faith, what happen to such men, O Krishna?

Does not he disintegrate like torn clouds, O Krishna, thus derieved of both, without any support and confused about the way to the supreme?O Krishna only, you are capable of dispelling my these doubts, there is no one who may do this

Bhagwan Sri Krishna Said

O Arjuna, neither in this world nor in the other such a person come to be destroyed, for anyone doing noble-deeds, my dear friend, cannot come to grief. Reaching the world of the glorious and living there for very long period, the man who has wandered from the way of yoga is reborn in the house of the pure and the prosperous.

O he may be born in the clan of yogis and the learned. This kind of birth is indeed very rare in the world.There he retains the qualities of mind developed during the previous birth and from there he starts working for the perfection, O Arjuna.

Through the qualities developed during the previous life. He inexorably gets attracted to the god. Even the seeker after yoga transcends the Vedic rules. The yogi who works relentlessly, freed from all sins, perfecting himself through many life times, attains the ultimate goal.

The yogi is greater than one who does penance, he is regarded above the learned one, greater than the man who works for wordly things, therefore you too become a yogi O Arjuna.

Of all the yogis, who worships me, with full faith, with his self abiding in me, he is a yogi of the highest order,I say.

This is the sixth chapter entitled "Self Discipline... Meditation Yoga".

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